Keith Olsommer Justin Hernandez Paulie Weinrich


TEAM: Delaware Valley Warriors

COLORS: Black & White

COACH: Keith Olsommer,  24th Season (167-93)

PIAA: Class 6A

2021 CONFERENCE: LFC Division 1

2020 RECORD: 9-4 (4-0 in conference)


STADIUM: Warrior Stadium






After losing their first three games to very good opponents to start last season, the Warriors won 9 straight before bowing out in the PIAA state playoffs. They won another District 2 Class 6 A title although that will be their last one for at least two years. Delaware Valley moves to Class 5A for the next cycle which should give DV a better opportunity in states if they get there. They will have to fill some holes for 2022, but there is a good core to let them compete for division and district titles.

Quarterback is the biggest question mark although the Warriors always seem to come up with one and usually he ends being one of the best in the LFC. The competition is open during training camp and we will find out who it is when DV takes the field in Florida on August 26th. Paulie Weinrich will take over at tailback although he did carry the ball 108 times for 716 yards in 2021. Justin Kalitsnik returns at fullback while All-District 2 tight Aiden Black also is back for his junior season. Jayden Ramirez is the top returning receiver and there will be a battle in camp to see who joins him getting reps at the position.

The offensive line has three-year starter Justin Hernandez back at right tackle and Jacob Albaugh returns at left tackle.  How quickly the other three positions can get up to speed will determine how the Warriors fare early, especially with a brutal three-week run to start the season. Brennan Colville is penciled at left guard while Carter Faubel will get the first shot at center. The right guard position is up for grabs.

Defensively, Delaware Valley brings back two of the better defensive players in the LFC. Kalitsnik will remain at inside linebacker while Black moves from linebacker to defensive end. Weinrich is also a returning starter at outside linebacker while the other two linebacker spots will be decided during training camp. Pasquale Venetucci will play nose tackle and the other end is still to be determined. Landon Machado returns at cornerback and his brother Ryder Machado returns at safety. The other two defensive back positions have several candidates and will be settled before the first game.

Everett Bell returns as the placekicker while Black serves as the long snapper. The punter will be named before the season starts.

QUOTE FROM COACH OLSOMMER: Need to replace some veteran linemen on both sides of the ball.

Returning All-Stars – LFC Division I
First Team Tight End – Aiden Black
First Team Offensive Line – Jacob Albaugh
First Team Offensive Line – Justin Hernandez
First Team Linebacker – Aiden Black
First Team Linebacker – Justin Kalitsnik
First Team Defensive Back  – Ryder Machado
Honorable Mention Fullback – Justin Kalitsnik
Honorable Mention Wide Receiver – Jayden Ramirez
Honorable Mention Defensive Back – Paulie Weinrich

Tight End – Aiden Black

2022 Delaware Valley Roster

#PlayerPositionHeightWeight2022 Grade
1Ryder MachadoDB, RB6'017011
2Paulie WeinrichDB, RB6'220012
3Everett BellK5'1016011
4Landon MachadoDB, WR5'613012
5Jayden RamirezDB, WR5'914012
7Jackson CorrieDB, WR6'016011
8Colin McGarveyQB5'10"1309
9Tyler BirdQB6'017011
11Owen HendersonDB, WR5'1013010
12Logan OlsommerDB, QB6'015510
13Alex VaughanDB, WR5'912010
14Erik FassDB, WR6'114511
15Beckam FernandesDB, WR6'015010
16Jake BrowerDB, WR6'216512
17Bradley CoeDB, QB5'916012
18Anthony D’AntuonoDB, WR5'613511
19Jason MeleDB, WR5'512510
20Luke BrazanskasLB, RB6'015010
21Henry GoginskyDB, WR5'1115011
22Adrian ClasenLB, RB5'716010
23Joseph KesslerLB, RB5'1116510
24Chris EisloeffelDB, RB5'1114011
25Dylan AndersonLB, RB5'614512
27Michael DonlonDB, WR5'1115010
28Devin StashlukDB, WR5'1015011
30Nick ColonFB, LB5'616010
31Riley GuestDB, WR5'1115511
33Kolton HandyLB, RB5'1117011
34Noah PolhillLB, RB5'9195-
41Wyatt BeherenDB, WR6'014512
42Nick BellomoLB, RB5'816510
44Justin KalitsnikLB, RB6'218511
45Dean FinelliLB, TE5'1115510
46Sam GouldthorpeLB, TE5'615511
48Kyle ChabakLB, TE6'021011
50Chris DellaBellaDL, OL5'1022010
51Michael StanbroDL, OL6'018012
52Johnathan RiveraDL, OL5'421011
55Aiden McBrideDL, OL6'218512
57Brennan ColvilleDL, OL6'319012
60Carter FaubelDL, OL6'025010
62Amir GuilliteDL, OL5'1129010
63Matt CammaranoDL, OL5'922511
64Dylan LynchDL, OL5'920010
65Ethan FitzpatrickDL, OL5'1120012
66Anthony ZoschakDL, OL6'020012
67Sean FinanDL, OL5'1123011
73Keegan HeathDL, OL6'023510
75Kenneth LeisslerDL, OL5'1026510
77Jacob AlbaughDL, OL6'624011
78Justin HernandezDL, OL6'532011
79Anthony CiarelliDL, OL6'336011
80Sean HodginsDB, WR5'813512
81Brendan RyanDB, WR5'1114012
82Cole WestonLB, WR5'814010
84Logan AcevedoDB, WR5'1014011
85Michael ElaroLB, TE6'021010
86Peyton TheodoreLB, TE5'1016011
87Aiden BlackLB, TE6'323511
88Tyler ManeyLB, TE5'512510
99Pasquale Venetucci5'1027010