Every week, we will give you a capsule preview of every game involving WVC and LFC teams presented by Dickson City Hyundai. The games will be listed based on how competitive they are, rivalry impact and storylines. So, if you are looking for a game to go watch, this guide will help you each week.

Matchup Scale

Must-see: Four Footballs Rating

Great: Three Footballs Rating

Good: Two Footballs Rating

Fair: One Football Rating


Western Wayne Wildcats (5-2) at Dunmore Bucks (5-2)

Dunmore Veterans Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division II
Dunmore 6-3
Last Meeting: 2022 – Western Wayne 44-0
Last Week: Western Wayne 28, Mid Valley 13; Dunmore 55, Lakeland 7
Players To Watch
Western Wayne: RB Josh Vinton; Dunmore: RB/DB Daniel Pigga
The Skinny: This one will definitely come down to who controls the line of scrimmage. Both teams want to run the football with a pass thrown in here and there. Lots on the line as this could decide the division although Honesdale is still lurking.
Key Matchup: Western Wayne offensive line vs. Dunmore’s defensive line
Favorite: Dunmore by 7

Delaware Valley Warriors (4-3) at Valley View Cougars (7-0)

John Henzes Veterans Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division I
Delaware Valley 11-7
Last Meeting:
2022 – Delaware 41-27
Last Week: Delaware Valley 42, Wilkes-Barre 6; Valley View 20, Scranton 6
Players to Watch
Delaware Valley: RB Ryder Machado; Valley View: RB/LB Zach Cwalinski
The Skinny: The Warriors will try to ruin the Cougars perfect season and win their fifth straight game. Valley View will have to find some kind of passing game or they will continue to see 8 in the box. DV have blown out their LFC I opponents with the exception of Scranton Prep. This should be a physical game and one big play could decide it.
Key Matchup: Delaware Valley offensive line vs. Valley View linebackers
Favorite: Delaware Valley by 4

Wilkes-Barre Wolfpack (4-3) at Williamsport Millionaires (3-4)

STA Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
WVC Division 1
Tied 2-2
Last Meeting: 2022 – Wilkes-Barre 46-14
Last Week: Delaware Valley 42, Wilkes-Barre 6; Williamsport 42, Valley West 7
Players To Watch
Wilkes-Barre: QB Jake Howe; Williamsport: QB Caleb Williamson
The Skinny: The Millionaires like to throw the ball and the Wolfpack are similar although they will try to pound you with Howie Shiner. Expect a high-scoring affair as neither’s team defense has been anything special.
Key Matchup: Wilkes-Barre secondary vs. Williamsport passing game
Favorite: Wilkes-Barre by 10

Honesdale Hornets (3-4) at Mid Valley Spartans (4-3)

Spartan Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
LFC Division II
Honesdale 13-5
Last Meeting:
2022 – Honesdale 47-14
Last Week: Honesdale 41, West Scranton 6;Western Wayne 28, Mid Valley 13
Players To Watch
Honesdale: RB Mason Avery; Mid Valley: RB Jakob Lesher
The Skinny: The Hornets are still alive for the division and have won three straight games after losing four to start the season with a tough schedule. The Spartans are looking for their first division win after navigating an easy schedule in the first half of the season. Good running back matchup in this one.
Key Matchup: Honesdale passing game vs. Mid Valley secondary
Honesdale by 6

Scranton Prep Cavaliers (6-1) at North Pocono Trojans (3-4)

NP Sports Complex (Turf), Friday 7pm 
LFC Division I
Scranton Prep 22-16
Last Meeting:
2022 – Scranton Prep 32-0
Last Week: Scranton Prep 50, Abington Heights 21; North Pocono 28, Wallenpaupack 14
Players to Watch
Scranton Prep: OL Nyeem Gonzalez; North Pocono: WR/DB Riley Moore
The Skinny:  The Cavaliers have made it look fairly easy since their loss to DV. They need every division win to keep pace with the Warriors and Valley View. North Pocono has been close at times this season to getting that signature win and an upset Friday would do that.
Key Matchup: Prep running game vs. North Pocono linebackers
Favorite: Scranton Prep by 14

Pittston Area Patriots (3-4) at Tunkhannock Tigers (4-3)

Tunkhannock Memorial Field (Grass), Friday 7pm
WVC Division 2
Pittston Area 12-6-1
Last Meeting: 2022 – Pittston Area 55-12
Last Week: Pittston Area 35, Lake-Lehman 7; Nanticoke 41, Tunkhannock 6
Players To Watch
Pittston Area: LB/FB Brody Spindler; Tunkhannock: QB Joey Ross
The Skinny: The Tigers running game was finally slowed down last week and the Patriots passing game has been getting better as the line has protected better. Both teams need a win for district playoff seeding and it will be interesting to see which style prevails.
Key Matchup: Pittston passing game vs.Tunkhannock secondary
Favorite: Pittston Area by 10

West Scranton Invaders (1-6) at Lakeland Chiefs (1-6)

Lakeland Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm
LFC Division II
Series: Lakeland 14-11
Last Meeting: 2022 – West Scranton 42-12
Last Week: Honesdale 41, West Scranton 6; Dunmore 55, Lakeland 7
Players To Watch
West Scranton: RB Dayron Groves; Lakeland: QB David Naniewicz
The Skinny: Two proud programs are having a rough 2023. West looked like they were headed in the right direction until last week while the Chiefs haven’t been able to muster up any kind of offense. Someone will get their first division win in this one.
Key Matchup: West Scranton passing game vs. Lakeland secondary
West Scranton by 4

Abington Heights Comets (4-3) at Scranton Knights (4-3)

Scranton Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
LFC Division I
Series: Abington Heights 19-13-1
Last Meeting: 2022 – Scranton 42-7
Last Week: Scranton Prep 50, Abington Heights 21; Valley View 20, Scranton 6 
Players To Watch
Abington Heights: TE/DL Cayd Sespico; Scranton: WR Jon Perez
 The Skinny: Both teams are struggling in league play with two losses each. This is also a big Class 5A game and could be a preview of the district semifinal. Abington will air it out while Scranton will continue to ride QB Billy Maloney
Key Matchup: Abington Heights linebackers vs. Scranton running game
Favorite: Scranton by 7

Riverside Vikings (4-3) at  Susquehanna Sabers (4-3)

William Emminger Memorial Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm 
LFC Division III
Riverside 6-3
Last Meeting:
2022 – Riverside 43-0
Last Week: Lackawanna Trail 28, Riverside 21; Old Forge 41, Susquehanna 0
Players To Watch
Riverside: TE/LB Richie Kostoff; Susquehanna: QB William Marcy
The Skinny: All three losses for Riverside have been by 7 points or less. Unless there is an upset in the division, the Vikings are now focused on the district picture in Class 2A. The Sabers play their annual night game with temporary lights and will try to bounce back from a lopsided loss last week.
Key Matchup: Riverside receivers vs. Susquehanna secondary
Favorite: Riverside by 20

Holy Cross Crusaders (3-4) at Old Forge Blue Devils (3-4)

Old Forge Veterans Memorial Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division III
Old Forge 16-0
Last Meeting: 2022 – Old Forge 55-0
Last Week: Carbondale 20, Holy Cross 7; Old Forge 41, Susquehanna 0
Players To Watch
Holy Cross: QB Josh Lentowski; Old Forge: RB Cael Krushnowski
The Skinny: Normally this game is a mismatch on paper, but the Crusaders are much improved from recent years. The Devils finally woke up last week with an impressive win. They can’t look ahead to their rivalry game next week.
Key Matchup: Holy Cross secondary vs. Old Forge passing game
Favorite: Old Forge by 20

Dallas Mountaineers (7-0) at Wallenpaupack Buckhorns (2-5)

Wallenpaupack Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
Conference Crossover
Dallas 5-2
Last Meeting:
2022 – Dallas 35-13
Last Week: Dallas 42, Berwick 6; North Pocono 28, Wallenpaupack 14
Players To Watch
Dallas: K Rowan Laubach; Wallenpaupack: OL Ben Ostroski;
The Skinny: The Mounts have not been challenged since Week 2 while the Buckhorns have lost five straight although have challenged some good teams. Problem is keeping it up for four quarters.
Key Matchup: Dallas balanced offense vs. Wallenpaupack defensive front
Dallas by 21

Wyoming Valley West Spartans (1-6) at Hazleton Area Cougars (1-6)

Harman-Geist Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
WVC Division 1
Series: Wyoming Valley West 29-16-1
Last Meeting: 2022 – Hazleton Area 43-7
Last Week: Williamsport 42, Valley West 7; Crestwood 28, Hazleton 21
Players To Watch
Valley West: WR Maki Wells; Hazleton: RB Brady Mizenko
The Skinny: After pulling an upset Week 1, the Spartans have lost six straight while the Cougars have also had problems finding the win column. Valley West has zero offense while Hazleton’s defense hasn’t been good. Something will change this week.
Key Matchup: Valley West defensive front vs. Hazleton run game
Hazleton Area by 13

Crestwood Comets (3-4) at Hanover Area Hawkeyes (3-4)

Hanover Memorial Field (Grass), Friday 7pm
WVC Division Crossover
Hanover Area 20-11
Last Meeting:
2022 – Crestwood 69-7
Last Week: Crestwood 28, Hazleton 21; Hanover Area 2, Montrose 0 (Forfeit)
Players To Watch
Crestwood: RB/LB Logan Rolles; Hanover Area: RB Jaydon Skipalis
The Skinny: The Hawkeyes should be well-rested after not playing last week while the Comets were in a tough one. Crestwood seems to play a lot of close games so the expectation is to take care of business early. Hanover defense needs turnovers and big plays on offense.
Key Matchup: Crestwood run defense vs. Hanover offensive line
Crestwood by 23

Wyoming Area Warriors (7-0)  at Lake-Lehman Black Knights (1-6)

Eddie Edwards Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
WVC Division 2
Wyoming Area 31-8
Last Meeting: 2022 – Wyoming Area 35-14
Last Week: Wyoming Area 55, Holy Redeemer 13;Pittston Area 35, Lake-Lehman 7
Players To Watch
Wyoming Area: DB Jacob Morgan; Lake-Lehman: QB Hayden Evans
The Skinny: Another easy one for the Warriors against an undermanned Lake-Lehman team. The JV players will get plenty of time as Wyoming Area prepares for their annual battle with state-ranked Southern Columbia.
Key Matchup: Wyoming Area offensive line vs. Lehman linebackers
Wyoming Area by 35

Nanticoke Trojans (4-3) at Holy Redeemer Royals (0-7)

McCarthy Stadium (Turf), Saturday 7:30pm
WVC Division 2
Nanticoke 13-3
Last Meeting: 2022 – Nanticoke 64-18
Last Week: Nanticoke 41, Tunkhannock 6; Wyoming Area 55, Holy Redeemer 13
Players To Watch
Nanticoke: QB Mike Stachowiak; Holy Redeemer: QB Thomas Duggan
The Skinny: Look for another big running day for the Trojans althought they could take some time in this one to work on their passing game. They will need it once they hit the postseason.
Key Matchup: Nanticoke run game vs. Redeemer defensive line
Favorite: Nanticoke by 33

Lackawanna Trail Lions (7-0) at Carbondale Area Chargers (2-5)

Cerra Sports Complex (Grass), Friday, 3:15pm
LFC Division III
Lackawanna Trail 46-17-1
Last Meeting:
2022 – Lackawanna Trail 36-23
Last Week: Lackawanna Trail 28, Riverside 21; Carbondale 20, Holy Cross 7
Players To Watch
Lackawanna Trail: RB Lukas Gumble; Carbondale: RB Colin Ormes
The Skinny: It was a close call on the road last week for the Lions who should get back to business this week as a heavy favorite. Carbondale did find some offense with freshman Anthony Prince, but this Trail defense is at a different level.
Key Matchup: Trail offensive line vs. Carbondale run defense
Favorite: Lackawanna Trail by 25

Danville Ironmen (6-1) at Berwick Bulldogs (2-5)

Crispin Field (Turf), Friday, 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
District Crossover
Berwick 32-10-4
Last Meeting:
2022 – Danville 35-0
Last Week: Danville 56, Montoursville 0; Dallas 42, Bewwick 6
Players to Watch
WR Braylon Hawkins; Danville: RB Bo Sheptock
The Skinny: Former Bulldog Carl Majer returns to Crispin Field to coach with a very good football team and are a heavy favorite. Berwick is in danger of not making the district playoffs. This game wasn’t very close last year so expect the same.
Key Matchup: Berwick secondary vs. Danville receivers
Favorite: Danville by 28