Every week, we will give you a capsule preview of every game involving WVC and LFC teams presented by Dickson City Hyundai. The games will be listed based on how competitive they are, rivalry impact and storylines. So, if you are looking for a game to go watch, this guide will help you each week.

Matchup Scale

Must-see: Four Footballs Rating

Great: Three Footballs Rating

Good: Two Footballs Rating

Fair: One Football Rating


Lackawanna Trail Lions (6-0) at Riverside Vikings (4-2)

Riverside Veterans Memorial  Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division III
Riverside 13-11
Last Meeting: 2022 – Riverside 41-13
Last Week: Lackawanna Trail 41, Old Forge 7; Riverside 64, Carbondale 14; 
Players To Watch
Lackawanna Trail: RB Demetrius Douglas; Riverside: QB Chase Taddonio
The Skinny: This game is likely for the LFC Division II title. The Vikings smashed the Lions in the meeting last year, but that was a very young Trail team. Nobody has slowed them down this season. This might be the biggest game in years for Riverside who is looking for elusive titles.
Key Matchup: Lackawanna Trail secondary vs. Riverside passing game
Favorite: Lackawanna Trail by 7

Delaware Valley Warriors (3-3) at Wilkes-Barre Wolfpack (4-2)

Wilkes-Barre Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
Conference Crossover
Delaware Valley 4-0
Last Meeting: 2022 – Delaware Valley 35-24
Last Week: Delaware Valley 42, North Pocono 0; Wilkes-Barre 34, Crestwood 14
Players To Watch
Delaware Valley: WR Jayden Ramirez; Wilkes-Barre: WR Rajan Watson
The Skinny: Wilkes-Barre has won four straight games while DV has won three straight and both have been impressive in doing so. The Wolfpack have been very balanced on offense while the Warriors have been physically dominating.
Key Matchup: Delaware Valley defensive line vs. Wilkes-Barre running game
Favorite: Delaware Valley by 10

Tunkhannock Tigers (4-2) at Nanticoke Trojans (3-3)

Frank Chicknoski Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
WVC Division 2
Tied 7-7
Last Meeting: 2022 – Nanticoke 42-7
Last Week: Tunkhannock 13, Lake-Lehman 12; Nanticoke 35, Pittston Area 28
Players To Watch
Tunkhannock: RB David Hoff; Nanticoke: OL Ryan Wiaterowski
The Skinny: Both these teams are fighting for second place in the league, but a district playoff spot is also available so this could be a deciding game. The Tigers have improved on defense and that will be how they have a chance to win this game. Both teams want to pound the football so this game will be won in the trenches.
Key Matchup: Tunkhannock run defense vs. Nanticoke RB Zack Fox
Favorite: Nanticoke by 14

Abington Heights Comets (4-2) at Scranton Prep Cavaliers (5-1)

Dunmore Veterans Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm 
LFC Division I
Abington Heights 22-18
Last Meeting: 2022 – Scranton Prep 28-14
Last Week: Valley View 35, Abington Heights 14; Scranton Prep 37, Wallenpaupack 3;
Players To Watch
Abington Heights: WR Gavin Anders; Scranton Prep: DB Tae Weeks
The Skinny: Abington is coming off a physical loss last week while Prep woke up in the second half of their last win. This game is a rivalry and both teams have great offenses. The receivers are all capable of making big plays so there should be some exciting plays.
Key Matchup: Abington Heights passing game vs. Scranton Prep secondary
Scranton Prep by 17


Berwick Bulldogs (2-4) at Dallas Mountaineers (6-0)

Mountaineer Stadium (Turf), Friday, 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
WVC Division 1
Berwick 17-9
Last Meeting:
2022 – Berwick 39-22
Last Week: Berwick 35, Wyoming Valley West 7; Dallas 42, Hazleton Area 14
Players to Watch
RB Mike Lewis; Berwick: FB James D’Andrea
The Skinny: Dallas enetered this game last season unbeaten and Berwick pulled the upset. Now the Mounts get the Dawgs at home and playing their best football in 2023. The Bulldogs have to find some wins if they don’t want to be left out of the district playoffs.
Key Matchup: Berwick pass rush vs. Dallas offensive line
Favorite: Dallas by 15

Scranton Knights (4-2) at Valley View Cougars (6-0)

John Henzes Veterans Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division I
Valley View 19-15
Last Meeting:
2022 – Valley View 41-7
Last Week: Wyoming Area 35, Scranton 19; Valley View 35, Abington Heights 14
Players to Watch
Scranton: WR Oliver Almonte; Valley View: DL Steven Halloran
The Skinny: Valley View has a punishing rushing attack and that is one reason they are still unbeaten. Scranton was unbeaten last season coming into this game and the Cougars dominated them. They would like to return the favor.
Key Matchup: Scranton linebackers vs. Valley View run game
Favorite: Valley View by 12

Mid Valley Spartans (4-2) at Western Wayne Wildcats (4-2)

Sharkey-Rosetti Sports Complex (Turf), Friday 7pm
LFC Division II
Series: Mid Valley 20-6
Last Meeting: 2022 – Western Wayne 50-6
Last Week: Dunmore 46, Mid Valley 6; Western Wayne 21, West Scranton 14
Players To Watch
Mid Valley: LB Gavin Rapoch; Western Wayne: RB Alex Lucke
The Skinny: The Spartans league schedule proves to be tough playing the two division favorites first and they didn’t fare well last week. The Wildcats found out last week that no games will be easy moving forward. Mid Valley’s front will have to hold up to a very strong Western Wayne offense.
Key Matchup: Mid Valley defensive line vs. Western Wayne offensive line
Western Wayne by 13

Wallenpaupack Buckhorns (2-4) at North Pocono Trojans (2-4)

North Pocono Sports Complex (Turf), Friday 7pm
LFC Division I
Series: North Pocono 16-12
Last Meeting: 2022 – North Pocono 28-7
Last Week: Scranton Prep 37, Wallenpaupack 3; Delaware Valley 42, North Pocono 0
Players To Watch
Wallenpaupack: TE Jordan Santiago; North Pocono: OL Zach Hatala
 The Skinny: After a strong start, the Trojans have lost three straight and it hasn’t been pretty as they were winnable games. Still time to salvage the season but they will have to play better. Buckhorns are young but keep improving every week.
Key Matchup: Wallenpaupack receivers vs. North Pocono secondary
Favorite: North Pocono by 4

Susquehanna Sabers (4-2) at Old Forge Blue Devils (2-4)

Old Forge Veterans Memorial Stadium (Grass), Saturday 1pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division III
Old Forge 32-8
Last Meeting: 2022 – Old Forge 42-13
Last Week: Susquehanna 50, Holy Cross 14; Lackawanna Trail 41, Old Forge 7
Players To Watch
Susquehanna: OL Rykin Hobart; Old Forge: WR Connor Oshinski
The Skinny:  Susquehanna would love to go into Pizzatown and come away with a win and the way they have been playing, they are favored to do that. But the Blue Devils come to play each week and will try to be the more physical team.
Key Matchup: Susquehanna run game vs. Old Forge linebackers
Favorite: Susquehanna by 6


Carbondale Area Chargers (1-5) at Holy Cross Crusaders (3-3)

Msgr. Crotti Field (Grass), Saturday 1pm
LFC Division III
Series: Carbondale Area 13-1
Last Meeting: 2022 – Carbondale 35-0
Last Week:  Riverside 63, Carbondale 14; Susquehanna 50, Holy Cross 14
Players To Watch
Carbondale: K Colin Bailer; Holy Cross: WR Fred Ceccacci
The Skinny: Holy Cross was disappointed with their performance on Saturday so they are expecting a bounce back. Carbondale has been challenged on offense and needs to find an identity.
Key Matchup: Carbondale defensive line vs. Holy Cross run game
Holy Cross by 7

Hazleton Area Cougars (1-5) at Crestwood Comets (2-4)

Crestwood Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
WVC Division 1
Tied 9-9
Last Meeting:
2022 – Crestwood 35-14
Last Week: Dallas 42, Hazleton Area 0; Wilkes-Barre 34, Crestwood 14
Players to Watch
Hazleton Area: WR Logan Gennaro; Crestwood: WR Osten Grigas
The Skinny:  Both these teams have had disappointing seasons to date so a win could give them a push into the end of the season. Both want to run the ball and the team that does it better will win.
Key Matchup: Hazleton linebackers vs. Crestwood QB Jaden Shedlock
Favorite: Crestwood by 13

Lake-Lehman Black Knights (1-5) at Pittston Area Patriots (2-4)

Charley Trippi Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm
WVC Division 2
Pittston Area 15-0
Last Meeting: 2022 – Pittston Area 48-13
Last Week: Tunkhannock 13, Lake-Lehman 12; Nanticoke 35, Pittston Area 28
Players To Watch
Lake-Lehman: RB Jim Mitkowski; Pittston Area: WR Gerry Groom
The Skinny: Pittston had a rough loss last week, but the offense has been getting better each week. Lehman is still trying to find their offense. Both teams have young rosters so experience is more important at this point of the season than wins.
Key Matchup: Lake-Lehman secondary vs. Pittston receivers
Favorite: Pittston Area by 17

Honesdale Hornets (2-4) at West Scranton Invaders (1-5)

Scranton Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
LFC Division II
West Scranton 15-6
Last Meeting:
2022 – Honesdale 28-6
Last Week: Honesdale 48, Lakeland 7; Western Wayne 21, West Scranton 14
Players To Watch
Honesdale: WR Kobe White; West Scranton: WR Zaeyvion Miller
The Skinny: The Invaders are a formidable opponent each week while the Hornets have gotten their offense in gear. We expect a lot of points in this one
Key Matchup: Honesdale secondary vs. West Scranton receivers
West Scranton by 1

Dunmore Bucks (4-2) at Lakeland Chiefs (1-5)

Lakeland Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division II
Dunmore 30-25
Last Meeting: 2022 – Lakeland 20-14
Last Week: Dunmore 46, Mid Valley 6; Honesdale 48, Lakeland 7
Players To Watch
Dunmore: LB Nick Donvito; Lakeland: RB Joseph Pezanowski
The Skinny: These two teams played twice last year including the playoffs but that is unlikely thi season as the Chiefs are in a total rebuild mode. Dunmore finally played a complete game last week and hopes they can continue to do that the rest of the season.
Key Matchup: Dunmore offensive line vs. Lakeland defensive line
Favorite: Dunmore by 28

Wyoming Area Warriors (6-0) at Holy Redeemer Royals (0-6)

Spartans Stadium (Turf), Saturday 5pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com 
WVC Division 2
Wyoming Area 8-0
Last Meeting:
2022 – Wyoming Area 56-18
Last Week: Wyoming Area 35, Scranton 19; Hanover Area 56, Holy Redeemer 6
Players To Watch
Wyoming Area: LB Josh Mruk; Holy Redeemer: WR Tristian Block
The Skinny: This game will be ugly. Wyoming Area is one of the best teams in the area and Holy Redeemer one of the worst. The Warriors will have a chance to rest starters and get younger players some varsity time.
Key Matchup: Wyoming Area RB Aaron Crossley vs. Holy Redeemer defensive line
Favorite: Wyoming Area by 40

Williamsport Millionaires (2-4) at Wyoming Valley West Spartans (1-5)

Spartans Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
WVC Division 1
Wyoming Valley West 26-21
Last Meeting:
2022 – Williamsport 38-7
Last Week: Williamsport 47, Central Mountain 13; Berwick 35, Wyoming Valley West 7
Players To Watch
Williamsport: RB Devon Harris; Valley West: WR Kenau Ingram
The Skinny: Williamsport hopes that last week’s win will ignite their season. Valley West is still struggling to stay in games during this five game losing streak.
Key Matchup: Williamsport receivers vs. Valley West secondary
Williamsport by 14