Every week, we will give you a capsule preview of every game involving WVC and LFC teams presented by Dickson City Hyundai. The games will be listed based on how competitive they are, rivalry impact and storylines. So, if you are looking for a game to go watch, this guide will help you each week.

Matchup Scale

Must-see: Four Footballs Rating

Great: Three Footballs Rating

Good: Two Footballs Rating

Fair: One Football Rating


North Pocono Trojans (2-1) at Valley View Cougars (2-1)

John Henzes Veterans Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division I
Valley View 32-16
Last Meeting: 2021 – Valley View 42-7
Last Week: Hazleton Area 54, North Pocono 7; Valley View 35, Honesdale 17
Players To Watch
North Pocono: WR Ashton Smith; Valley View: RB Connor Hilling
The Skinny: This game will show us where both teams are in the Class 4A hierachy. The WVC seems to have an edge right now but the winner of this game will be the biggest challenge to Dallas and Crestwood. The Cougars defeated the Trojans in the Class 4A championship game last season so North Pocono is looking for some revenge.
Favorite: Valley View by 4

Hazleton Area Cougars (3-0) at Wilkes-Barre Wolfpack (2-1)

Wilkes-Barre Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm 
WVC Division 1
Wilkes-Barre 2-1
Last Meeting:
2021 – Hazleton 29-10
Last Week: Hazleton Area 54, North Pocono 7; Wilkes-Barre 34, Wallenpaupack 7
Players to Watch
Hazleton Area:
WR Connor Shamany; Wilkes-Barre: TE Naquon Johnson
The Skinny: The Wolfpack know what they are up against and hope to remain unbeaten in their new digs. The Cougars haven’t been slowed down yet so expect more fireworks from the Hazleton offense. Wilkes-Barre stays alive in this game if they can win the battle up front.
Key Matchup: Hazleton Area passing game vs. Wilkes-Barre secondary
Favorite: Hazleton Area by 19

Scranton Knights (3-0) at Scranton Prep Cavaliers (2-1)

Scranton Memorial Stadium (Turf), Saturday 1:30pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division I
Scranton Prep 9-8
Last Meeting:
2021 – Scranton Prep 49-14
Last Week: Scranton 39, West Scranton 20; Scranton Prep 63, Lake-Lehman 6
Players to Watch
WR Donato Stepney; Scranton Prep: RB Quenten Palermo
The Skinny:  This game will tell us if Scranton is for real or not. Both teams have blown out West Scranton this season, but the Cavaliers have dominated this series in recent years. There is a little more on the line as this is a division game for 2022. Winner gets bragging right to say they are the best high school football team in Scranton.
Key Matchup: Scranton’s quickness vs. Prep’s offensive front
Favorite: Scranton Prep by 13

Williamsport Millionaires (1-2) at Berwick Bulldogs (1-2)

Crispin Field (Turf), Friday, 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
WVC Division 1
Berwick 25-10
Last Meeting:
2021 – Berwick 28-21
Last Week: Dallas 41, Williamsport 20; Berwick 49, Abington Heights 0
Players to Watch
FB Alonzo Rice; Berwick: WR Spencer Kishbaugh
The Skinny: Williamsport already has a division loss while Berwick is playing their first division game. Dawgs scored on offense, defense and special teams last week. Millionaires need to find an identity on offense.
Key Matchup: Williamsport RB Nasir Hennigan vs. Berwick linebackers
Favorite: Berwick by 10


Lackawanna Trail Lions (3-0) at Honesdale Hornets (1-2)

Hornets Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm
LFC Division Crossover
Lackawanna Trail 14-13-2
Last Meeting: 2007 – Lackawanna Trail 42-18
Last Week: Lackawanna Trail 14, Nanticoke 6; Valley View 35, Honesdale 17
Players To Watch
Lackawanna Trail: LB Hunter Patterson; Honesdale: QB Aiden Collins
The Skinny: It has been 15 years since these two former Surburban teams have played and Trail is the team that has something to prove despite being 3-0. The Lions have had trouble on offense and have rode their defense to the unbeaten start. Honesdale is making strides, especially on defense although they took a step back last Friday.
Honesdale by 3

Riverside Vikings (1-2) at Dunmore Bucks (2-1)

Dunmore Veterans Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division Crossover
Dunmore 57-19-2
Last Meeting: 2021 – Dunmore 34-0
Last Week: Lakeland 34, Riverside 0; Dunmore 56, Susquehanna 7
Players To Watch
WR Reese Gaughan; Dunmore: WR Daniel Pigga
The Skinny: This is a game that can make the Vikings season if they can summon a victory. However, the Bucks are at home and the offense has looked very good in their two wins. The Riverside defense will have to play better to compete.
Key Matchup: Riverside defensive front vs. Dunmore running game
Favorite: Dunmore by 18

Wyoming Area Warriors (1-2) at Nanticoke Trojans (1-2)

Frank Chicknoski Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
WVC Division 2
Wyoming Area 36-7-1
Last Meeting: 2021 – Wyoming Area 47-13
Last Week: Crestwood 49, Wyoming Area 7; Lackawanna Trail 14, Nanticoke 6
Players To Watch
Wyoming Area: QB Damian Lefkoski; Nanticoke: OL Ryan Wiaterowski
The Skinny: It was strange seeing the score of the Wyoming Area loss last week. The Warriors are definitely young and this can be called a rebuilding year. They still have a chance to win some division games and maybe even the division. The Trojans had a big win Week 1 but the offense has disappeared the last two weeks. Beating Wyoming Area would be a statement win for Nanticoke.
Key Matchup: Wyoming Area run defense vs. Nanticoke running backs
Favorite: Wyoming Area by 4

Holy Redeemer Royals (2-1) at Lake-Lehman Black Knights (0-3)

Eddie Edwards Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm 
WVC Division 2
Lake-Lehman 15-0
Last Meeting:
2021 – Lake-Lehman 47-13
Last Week: Holy Redeemer 53, Tunkhannock 43; Scranton Prep 63, Lake-Lehman 6
Players To Watch
Holy Redeemer: WR Jake Griffin; Lake-Lehman: QB Gavin Wallace
The Skinny: Redeemer has scored 123 points the last two weeks and there is a chance they could score a lot of points this week against winless Lake-Lehman. However the flip side of that is they have given up a ton of points in two of their first three games. The Royals have never beaten the Black Knights so a victory would prove they have made some progress with the program.
Key Matchup: Redeemer receivers vs. Lehman pass rush
Favorite: Lake-Lehman by 6

Montrose Meteors (0-1) at Holy Cross Crusaders (0-3)

Msgr. Crotti Field at St. Anthony’s Playground (Grass), Saturday 1pm
Conference Crossover Game
Montrose 8-4
Last Meeting: 2021 – Holy Cross 36-0
Last Week: Montrose off; Mid Valley 2, Holy Cross 0 (forfeit)
Players To Watch
Montrose: QB Gus Brown; Holy Cross: OL Chris Petrucci
The Skinny: Holy Cross had to forfeit last week because of a combination of injuries and illnesses. However, they will suit up on Saturday and hope to point their season in the right direction. If Logan Tierney is healthy, that is a distinct possibility. Montrose was actually respectable in their only game this season.
Key Matchup: Montrose defensive line vs. Holy Cross RB Logan Tierney
Favorite: Holy Cross by 10



Old Forge Blue Devils (1-2) at Mid Valley Spartans (1-2)

Spartans Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division Crossover
Series: Old Forge 25-14-1
Last Meeting: 2021 – Old Forge 40-29
Last Week: Western Wayne 35, Old Forge 7; Mid Valley 2, Holy Cross 0 (forfeit)
Players To Watch
Old Forge: QB James Solbol; Mid Valley: RB Jakob Lesher
 The Skinny: It’s very rare to see the Blue Devils with a losing record and in the end, it probably won’t matter how many games they win or lose. Winning the Class 1A title is their only goal to get to states. The Spartans got a week off which probably isn’t a good thing for a young team. If Mid Valley can hang with Old Forge, it would be positive for a rebuilding program.
Key Matchup: Old Forge secondary vs. Mid Valley spread offense
Favorite: Old Forge by 18

Delaware Valley Warriors (0-3) at Wallenpaupack Buckhorns (1-2)

Wallenpaupack Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division I
Delaware Valley 18-10
Last Meeting: 2021 – Delaware Valley 40-17
Last Week: Downingtown East 28, Delaware Valley 20; Wilkes-Barre 34, Wallenpaupack 7
Players To Watch
Delaware Valley: QB Tyler Bird; Wallenpaupack: DL Sam Filip
The Skinny: For the second straight season, the Warriors start the season 0-3 but the DV faithful hope that they can repeat last year’s accomplishment of running off 7 straight wins and head to another district title. Paupack is in a total rebuild mode and will struggle handling a determined Delaware Valley team.
Key Matchup: Delaware Valley running game vs. Wallenpaupack linebackers
Favorite: Delaware Valley by 30

Pittston Area Patriots (1-2) at Hanover Area Hawkeyes (1-2)

Hanover Memorial Field (Grass), Friday 7pm
WVC Division 2
Pittston Area 10-6
Last Meeting:
2009 – Hanover Area 16-10
Last Week: Pittston Area 22, Valley West 0; Carbondale 14, Hanover 12
Players To Watch
Pittston Area:
RB Harry Pugliese; Hanover Area: WR Joseph Cronan
The Skinny: The Patriots start their mission to win a division title this week while Hanover has shown improvement from last season and the offense has been respectable. Pittston has some weapons and should be able to score a lot of points. If Hanover can answer their scoring, we will see a good game.
Key Matchup: Pittston offensive line vs. Hanover defensive front
Pittston Area by 16

Abington Heights Comets (0-3) at Western Wayne Wildcats (2-1)

Sharkey-Rosetti Complex (Turf), Friday 7pm
LFC Division Crossover
First Meeting
Last Week: Berwick 49, Abington Heights 0; Western Wayne 35, Old Forge 7
Players To Watch
Abington Heights:
TE Nico Bossi; Western Wayne: RB Luke Janiszewski
The Skinny: Abington kept shooting themselves in the foot last Saturday with three special teams gaffes that led to 21 points for Berwick. Western Wayne ran wild last Friday and hopes to stick with that strategy as they have two capable running backs who both eclipsed 100 yards last week.
Key Matchup: Abington run defense vs. Western Wayne running backs
Western Wayne by 17

Crestwood Comets (2-1) at Wyoming Valley West Spartans (0-3)

Spartan Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
WVC Division 1
Wyoming Valley West 11-3
Last Meeting: 2021 – Crestwood 34-6
Last Week: Crestwood 49, Wyoming Area 7; Pittston Area 22, Wyoming Valley West 0
Players To Watch
Crestwood: RB Noah Schultz; Valley West: WR Hunter Pries
The Skinny: It’s looking like a long season for the Spartans. The schedule isn’t easy and Crestwood has been running over opponents in the early season. Valley West has to get stops in order to keep this game close. Otherwise, the Comets might not have to throw a pass like last week.
Key Matchup: Crestwood single wing vs. Valley West defensive line
Favorite: Crestwood by 20

Dallas Mountaineers (3-0) at West Scranton Invaders (1-2)

Scranton Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
Conference Crossover
Series: West Scranton 3-2
Last Meeting: 2010 – West Scranton 49-26
Last Week: Dallas 49, Williamsport 20; Scranton 39, West Scranton 20
Players To Watch
Dallas: RB Parker Bolesta; West Scranton: RB Evan Laybourn-Boddie
The Skinny: This game could get ugly very fast. Dallas is playing as good as anyone and although West has improved, they still have a long way to go. One thing the Mounts need to do is faster starts. They have scored only one touchdown in the first quarter of the first three games.
Key Matchup: Dallas running game vs. West Scranton defensive front
Dallas by 40

Susquehanna Sabers (2-1) at Lakeland Chiefs (3-0)

Lakeland Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm
LFC Division Crossover
Series: Lakeland 21-4
Last Meeting: 2021 – Lakeland 42-21
Last Week: Dunmore 56, Susquehanna 7; Lakeland 34, Riverside 0
Players To Watch
Susquehanna: DB JJ Rosa; Lakeland: TE Lacota Dippre
The Skinny: After a strong start, the Sabers are running into the tough part of their schedule. Lakeland had a slow start last week, but still got a shut out win. Both teams want to come out of this one healthy as they will start division play soon.
Key Matchup: Susquehanna secondary vs. Lakeland receivers
Lakeland by 38

Carbondale Area Chargers (1-2) at Tunkhannock Tigers (1-2)

Tunkhannock Memorial Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm
Conference Crossover
Tied 2-2-1
Last Meeting:
2013 – Carbondale Area 42-21
Last Week: Carbondale 14, Hanover Area 12; Holy Redeemer 53, Tunkhannock 43
Players To Watch
RB Vincent DePalma; Tunkhannock: WR Garrett Yuhas
The Skinny: Carbondale gets back their star running back and linebacker DePalma who was suspended for two games so expect to see a healthy does of him. The Tigers need to re-evaluate their defense as they have given up 115 points through three weeks, second most in the district. Tunkhannock’s offense has been pretty good, but without a better defense, wins will be harder to come by.
Key Matchup: Carbondale offensive line vs. Tunkhannock linebackers
Tunkhannock by 2