Here are the 2021 LFC Division II All-Stars presented by Motorworld. The list is compiled by feedback from the division coaches and NPF Staff.

London Montgomery, Jr. – Scranton Prep
There was not another player who was more dynamic or exciting than Montgomery. The numbers speak for themselves. In 10 games, he rushed for 2,360 yards, averaging 12.2 yards per carry and running for 35 touchdowns, all tops in District 2. He also added a receiving and kickoff return touchdown. Keep in mind that Montgomery accumulated a lot of these stats without playing full games as the Cavaliers were usually in mercy rule in the second half. He also was a solid defensive back for Prep.


Michael Golay, Sr. – Scranton Prep
Golay was the heart and soul of the Prep defense. He recorded 130 tackles, 3 fumble recoveries, 2 forced fumbles, 1 interception, 2 pass deflections and a blocked extra point. One of the best tacklers in the area, Golay helped the Cavaliers to a division and district title. His leadership and output on that side of the ball was key in Scranton Prep’s success over the past couple seasons. Golay also was an excellent blocker as a fullback.



Tyler Swartz, Sr. – Valley View

Swartz earns this accolade for the second straight season in which proved to be a very talented group of lineman inside the division. But the dominance on the offensive side of the ball was evident with numerous pancake blocks and leading Valley View to 3,720 rushing yards. That worked out to 7.5 yards per carry and 265 yards per game. He did not allow a sack in pass protection. Swartz also played on the defensive line during the Cougars playoff run to the District 2 Class 4A title.



Terry Gallagher – Scranton Prep
Gallagher won a second straight division title and regained the District 2 Class 3A title after a two-year hiatus. He also led the Cavaliers to their biggest win of the season 17-10 over Valley View – a battle of the two best teams in the district. The Scranton Prep program has been a model of consistency as Gallagher has built on what he inherited to make the Cavs not only a district favorite every year but a state contender.



QB: Adam Howanitz, Jr. – Valley View
RB: Connor Hilling, Jr. – Valley View
RB: London Montgomery, Jr. – Scranton Prep
FB: Dante Randle, Sr. – Valley View
WR: Sean Mackinder, Sr. – Valley View
WR: Robert Rossi, Sr. – Scranton Prep
TE: Thomas Chernasky, Sr. – Western Wayne
OL: Adam Kenny, Sr. – Scranton Prep
OL: Anthony Nicotera, Jr. – Scranton Prep
OL: Drew O’Malley, Sr. – Scranton Prep
OL: Jakai Simmons, Sr. – Valley View
OL: Tyler Swartz, Sr. – Valley View
ATH: Colin Skeen, Sr. – Valley View
K: Matt Cole, Sr. – Valley View


DL: Jimmy Burke, Sr. – Scranton Prep
DL: Kyle Guarino, Jr. – Western Wayne
DL: Christian Kohut, Sr. – Scranton Prep
DL: Dante Randle, Sr. – Valley View
LB: Michael Golay, Sr. – Scranton Prep
LB: Luke Janiszewski, Jr. – Western Wayne
LB: Jordan Rebar, Sr. – Valley View
DB: Chris Conserette, Sr. – Valley View
DB: Jaiden DeRosa, Sr. – Western Wayne
DB: Sean Mackinder, Sr. – Valley View
DB: Robert Rossi, Sr. – Scranton Prep
P: Tyler Winters, Jr. – Honesdale

QB: Sean Monahan, Jr. – Scranton Prep; RB: Luke Janiszewski, Jr. – Western Wayne; RB: Connor Schmitt, Sr. – Honesdale; FB: Michael Golay, Sr. – Scranton Prep; FB: Nick Tomasetti, Sr. – Western Wayne; WR: Hunter Baumgardner, So. – West Scranton; WR: Kage Southerton, Jr. – Honesdale; TE: Zack Rudalavage, Sr. – Valley View; OL: Jacob Casarin, Jr. – Valley View; OL: Josh Clark, Sr. – Honesdale; OL: Kyle Guarino, Jr. – Western Wayne; OL: Adam Kenny, Sr. – Scranton Prep; OL: Danny Vislosky, Sr. – Valley View; ATH: Jaiden DeRosa, Sr. – Western Wayne; K: Raymond Rinaldi, Jr. – Scranton Prep

DL: Robert Alteri, Jr. – Valley View; DL: Thomas Flood, Sr. – Western Wayne; DL: Jack Kelleher, Sr. – Honesdale; DL: Drew O’Malley, Sr. – Scranton Prep; DL: Nate Swingle, Jr. – Western Wayne; LB: Andrew Durkin, Sr. – Scranton Prep; LB: Andrew Heid, Sr. – Valley View; LB: C.J. Hinton, Jr. – Honesdale; DB: Taheed Jewell, Jr. – Valley View; DB: London Montgomery, Jr. – Scranton Prep; DB: Colin Skeen, Sr. – Valley View; DB: Kage Southerton, Jr. – Honesdale; P: Dan DenHaese, Sr. – West Scranton