WVW Coach Jack Baranski

Q & A with Valley West coach Jack Baranski

NPF’s Robbie Hopkins talked to new Wyoming Valley West head coach Jack Baranski who took over for Pat Keating this season. Baranski is a long-time assistant coach and has been the defensive and offensive coordinator for the Spartans.


How is the transition from assistant to head coach going so far?

“It’s been pretty smooth. I have been aided by some great senior leadership and that has made it easier on me”


How will you use your past coaching experience to help lead the program?

“I have been an offensive coordinator before and I’ve been a DC before, so I have experience in both spots. Also, working under some really great coaches, John Joseph, Ed Michaels, and Pat Keating, I have learned a lot from those guys.”

You just finished up with the first week of practices, how have they been thus far?
“Practices are going well. I think we have Improved as a team and the work ethic of the kids is admirable.”

What has been your message to your players everyday at practice?

“ We are trying to teach self-discipline. Whether that be in life or playing football, we are really trying to develop quality young men”

What is your focus in the pre season in order to prepare for the regular season?

“We have a new Offenisve Coordinator and a new Defensive Coordinator. While our schemes aren’t going to change that much,  getting the players accustomed to the new coaches is something we are focusing on.”

How do you plan to build a consistent winner every year?

“The players expect to win games. It is our job as coaches to put them in a position to make plays. We have strong senior leadership right now, so it is important to put them in the right places to be successful.”


What do you see as the biggest challenge for yourself with taking over this program?

“The biggest challenge is that the transition for me happened so late. I was hired in mid June,  so it was a really short time frame.”


What are you looking forward to the most taking over the program?

“I have been prepared to be a head coach. It is unfortunate circumstances with how this happened, but I am excited and ready to put my stamp on a successful program.”