Here are the rankings after Week 3 powered by Gaughan Auto Store:


  1. Scranton Knights (3-0), defeated West Scranton 43-25 (Last week: 1)
    Scranton found ways to retain The Bell and now they start league play unbeaten again just like 2022. The will battle Small School No. 1 Scranton Prep who they defeated last year. It’s going to tell us how goo the Knights are and if they are worthy of the their ranking.
    Next up: vs. Scranton Prep (3-0) (Watch on NPF) – Saturday
  2. Dallas Mountaineers (3-0), defeated Williamsport 28-20 (Last week: 2)
    Dallas almost let Williamsport come back but got their second straight division win. The Mountaineers gave up a lot of yardage through the air which will have to be addressed. They are the only team above .500 in division and are in the drivers seat going into Week 4.
    Next up: vs. West Scranton (0-3) (Listen on NPF) – Friday
  3. Valley View Cougars (3-0), defeated Honesdale 40-13 (Last week: 3)
    The Cougars offense is very diverse and looking better each week. Valley View ran for three touchdowns and threw for three touchdowns. The defensive starters didn’t give up a score, but the special teams need some work. They start division play on Friday taking on a ranked team.
    Next up: at North Pocono (2-1) (Listen on NPF) – Friday
  4. Wyoming Area Warriors (3-0), defeated Crestwood 29-22 (Last week: 4)
    The Warriors avenged a 2022 loss for the second straight week. It was an exciting game and puts them in the district playoff talk as a team that can win it all. Wyoming Area has played well in all three phases of the game through three weeks.
    Next up: vs. Nanticoke (1-2) (Watch on NPF) – Friday
  5. Abington Heights Comets (2-1), defeated Berwick 47-21 (Last week: NR)
    Abington might have the best overall offense in the LFC and definitely have improved since last year. They will have to be physical as they make their 2023 debut in The Pit on Saturday. The lines will both be tested.
    Next up: vs. Western Wayne (2-1) (Listen on NPF) –  Saturday
  6. North Pocono Trojans (2-1), defeated Hazleton Area 23-20 (Last week: NR)
    The Trojans get a goal line stand to preserve the victory and now have played in three games all decided by a score or less. The defense still remains good for the most part. They can really propel themselves into the district picture with a win at home this upcoming Friday.
    Next up: vs. Valley View (3-0) (Listen on NPF) – Friday


  1. Scranton Prep Cavaliers (3-0), defeated Lake-Lehman 49-6 (Last week: 1)
    The Cavaliers have three mercy rule victories all decided by halftime. The combined record of their opponents so far is 1-8 so they really haven’t been tested. That will change over the next two weeks with two of the favorites in the division back-to-back.
    Next up: at Scranton (3-0) (Watch on NPF) –  Friday
  2. Lackawanna Trail Lions (3-0), defeated Nanticoke 40-13  (Last week: 2)
    After a slow start in 2o22, we are seeing the Lions fire on all cylinders in 2023. The offense and defense have been really good and they have multilple players that can hurt you on the offensive side of the ball.
    Next up: vs. Honesdale (0-3) (Listen on NPF) – Friday
  3. Dunmore Bucks (2-1), defeated Susquehanna 35-12 (Last week: 3)
    The Bucks made it look easy on Saturday and now will have to buckle down for a big rivalry game this week. Dunmore ‘s defense will be tested. Dunmore beat Riverside twice last season including the district playoffs.
    Next up: at Riverside (2-1) (Listen on NPF) – Friday
  4. Western Wayne Wildcats (2-1), defeated Old Forge 42-7 (Last week: 4)
    The Wildcats got back to doing what they are good at – smashmouth football. The defense will have to play well this week to give them a chance to win. So far, that defense has been up to the task through three weeks.
    Next up: at Abington Heights (2-1) – (Listen on NPF) – Saturday
  5. Mid Valley Spartans (2-1), defeated Holy Cross 51-0 (Last week: 5)
    The Spartans make it look easy as they have two straight. However, it won’t be easy to go to Pizzatown and come home with a victory even with Old Forge being down. Could be a big win for Mid Valley’s program if they can come away with a victory.
    Next up: at Old Forge (1-2) – (Listen on NPF) – Friday
  6. Riverside Vikings (2-1), defeated Lakeland 46-0 (Last week: NR)
    The offense didn’t miss a beat with Reese Gaughan at quarterback as he accounted for six scores. The next test is a big one for the Vikings to prove they can compete in the district.
    Next up: vs. Dunmore (2-1) – (Listen on NPF) – Friday