Below are the games high school football fans will have access to this fall – either from NPF or our affiliates.  We will be announcing in the next couple weeks which games will be video streamed and which games will be audio-only. All of these broadcasts are free to the viewer/listener. Schedule subject to change.


2023 Broadcast Schedule
FRIDAY, August 25th
Old Forge at Dunmore NPF
Crestwood at Valley View NPF
North Pocono at Valley West NPF
Lackawanna Trail at Mid Valley NPF
Riverside at West Scranton WQMY
Wyoming Area at Tunkhannock WAAN
Delaware Valley at Selinsgrove WYNY
Berwick at Southern Columbia WHLM
Saturday, August 26th
Lakeland at Scranton Prep NPF
FRIDAY, September 1st
Valley View at Berwick NPF
Old Forge at Nanticoke NPF
Mount Carmel at Dunmore NPF
Lake-Lehman at Lackawanna Trail NPF
Valley West at Scranton NPF
Wyoming Area at Honesdale WAAN
Harrisburg at Delaware Valley WYNY
SATURDAY, September 2nd
West Scranton at Scranton Prep NPF
FRIDAY, September 8th
Honesdale at Valley View NPF
Lackawanna Trail at Nanticoke NPF
Western Wayne at Old Forge NPF
Delaware Valley at Downingtown East WYNY
Abington Heights at Berwick WHLM
Crestwood at Wyoming Area WAAN
SATURDAY, September 9th
Dunmore at Susquehanna NPF
Scranton at West Scranton NPF
FRIDAY, September 16th
Valley View at North Pocono NPF
Dunmore at Riverside NPF
Mid Valley at Old Forge NPF
Honesdale at Lackwanna Trail NPF
Scranton Prep at Scranton WQMY
Wallenpaupack at Delaware Valley WYNY
Nanticoke at Wyoming Area WAAN
Berwick at Williamsport WHLM
SATURDAY, September 16th
Western Wayne at Abington Heights NPF
Week 5
FRIDAY, September 22nd
Pittston Area at Valley View NPF
Lackawanna Trail at Dunmore NPF
Old Forge at Lakeland NPF
Nanticoke at Lake-Lehman NPF
Wyoming Area at Hanover Area WAAN
Berwick at Wilkes-Barre WHLM
SATURDAY, September 23rd
Delaware Valley at Scranton Prep WYNY
Week 6
FRIDAY, September 29th
Western Wayne at West Scranton NPF
Dunmore at Mid Valley NPF
Old Forge at Lackawanna Trail NPF
Nanticoke at Pittston Area NPF
Hazleton Area at Dallas NPF
Valley West at Berwick WHLM
Scranton at Wyoming Area WQMY
SATURDAY, September 30th
Valley View at Abington Heights NPF
North Pocono at Delaware Valley WYNY
Week 7
FRIDAY. October 6th
Scranton at Valley View NPF
Dunmore at Lakeland NPF
Susquehanna at Old Forge NPF
Lackawanna Trail at Riverside NPF
Wallenpaupack at North Pocono WQMY
Berwick at Dallas WHLM
Delaware Valley at Wilkes-Barre WYNY
SATURDAY, October 7th
Wyoming Area at Holy Redeemer WAAN
Week 8
FRIDAY, October 13th
Delaware Valley at Valley View NPF
Western Wayne at Dunmore NPF
Holy Cross at Old Forge NPF
Lackawanna Trail at Carbondale NPF
Danville at Berwick WHLM
Wyoming Area at Lake-Lehman WAAN
Week 9
FRIDAY, October 20th
Valley View at Wallenpaupack NPF
Dunmore at Honesdale NPF
Old Forge at Riverside NPF
Scranton Prep at Valley West NPF
Holy Cross at Lackawanna Trail NPF
Wilkes-Barre at Dallas WQMY
Berwick at Crestwood WHLM
Scranton at Delaware Valley WYNY
Southern Columbia at Wyoming Area WAAN
Week 10
FRIDAY, October 27th
Susquehanna at Lackawanna Trail NPF
West Scranton at Dunmore NPF
Carbondale Area at Old Forge NPF
Dallas at Lake-Lehman NPF
Crestwood at North Pocono NPF
Honesdale at Western Wayne WQMY
Pittston Area at Wyoming Area WAAN
Hazleton Area at Berwick WHLM
SATURDAY, October 28th
Valley View at Scranton Prep WAAN
Delaware Valley at Abington Heights WYNY