Here are the 2023 NPF WVC Division 1 All-Stars. The list is compiled by feedback from the division coaches and NPF Staff. We have added a division MVP which exemplifies a player who makes the biggest contribitions on both sides of the ball.

Dylan Geskey, Jr. – Dallas
Geskey had big shoes to fill as the Mountaineers primary running back and passed with flying colors. The junior ran for 1,473 yards and 27 touchdowns to lead the Dallas offense. He also added 11 receptions to his resume. Geskey was not a starter on defense as the coaching staff wanted to let him focus on offense but he did get on the field in different defensive situations and prospered there as well. Even though an underclassmen, Geskey also proved to be one of the leaders for the Mounts in their unbeaten regular season, divisio and district titles.


Zach Paczewski, Sr. – Dallas
Paczewski missed part of last year with a knee injury but managed to come back late in the season showing great determination and grit. In 2023, he was one of the best playmakers in the WVC and stood out as a major offensive weapon for the Mounts on offense. He finished the season with 52 receptions for 946 yards and 13 touchdowns. He also lined up in the backfield as a tailback against better opponents and rushed for 293 yards.


Harrison Snyder, Sr. – Berwick
Berwick didn’t get many headlines this season as the team struggled to find wins, but Snyder was always the best defensive player on the field with all-out effort and production. The senior had 94 tackles, 10 sacks and 21 tackles-for-loss in 2023. He has been a consistent defensive player his whole career for the Dawgs and was a leader for team the past several seasons. Snyder was also a very good blocker as he transitioned from the offensive line to a tight end this past season.


Dan Sabulski, Sr. – Dallas

Sabulski was the only returning starter for the Mountaineers on the offensive line so his leadership was crucial. The senior as a solid technician in run blocking and helped protect his quarterback who ended up putting up big offensive numbers, Sabulski also played nose tackle and clogged the middle of the line of scrimmage. He ended up with 26 tackles and two sacks on the season and help the Mounts to division and district titles.


Rich Mannello – Dallas
The Mountaineers were supposed to be good, but not this good. An unbeaten regular season, a division and district title and their second trip to state championship game in the past five seasons. Coach Mannello had to find four new starting offensive linemen to go with a talented group of skill players and made it work. He was also able to pull the right strings in close games and showed his experience to have his team find ways to win.




QB: Brady Zapoticky, Jr. – Dallas
RB: Dylan Geskey, Jr. – Dallas
RB: Howie Shiner, Sr. – Wilkes-Barre
FB: James DeAndrea, Sr.  – Berwick
WR: Evan Laybourn-Boddie, Sr. – Wilkes-Barre
WR: Zach Paczewski, Sr. – Dallas
TE: Nick Farrell, Sr. – Dallas
OL: A.J. Fife, Sr. – Dallas
OL: Gio Gonzalez, Sr. – Wilkes-Barre
OL: Jimmy Gryskewicz, Jr. – Wilkes-Barre
OL: Brady Rosencrans, Sr – Dallas
OL: Dan Sabulski, Sr. – Dallas
ATH: Davon Underwood, So. – Wilkes-Barre
K: Connor Poole, Sr. – Williamsport


DL: Max Gregor, Sr. – Wilkes-Barre
DL: Jimmy Gryskewicz, Jr. – Wilkes-Barre
DL: Alonzo Rice, Sr. – Williamsport
DL: Dan Sabulski, Sr. – Dallas
DL: Harrison Snyder, Sr. – Berwick
LB: Lincoln Bibla, Jr. – Crestwood
LB: Zander Coleman, Sr. – Hazleton Area
LB: Nick Farrell, Sr. – Dallas
LB: Devon Harris, Sr. – Williamsport
DB: Nate Malarkey, Jr. – Dallas
DB: Ethan Lear, Sr. – Berwick
DB: Ya’zhir Slaughter, Sr. –  Williamsport
DB: Lucas Tirpak, Sr. – Dallas
P: Connor Poole, Sr. – Williamsport


QB: Jake Howe, So. – Wilkes-Barre
RB: Brady Mizenko, Sr. – Hazleton Area
RB: Tyler Winter, Sr. – Berwick
FB: Gene Ardo, So. – Wilkes-Barre
WR: Kyreek Bradshaw, Jr. – Williamsport
WR: Matt Sklarosky, Sr. – Crestwood
TE: Zander Coleman, Sr. – Hazleton Area
OL: Liam Carroll, Sr. – Berwick
OL: Kyle Draina, Jr. – Crestwood
OL: Aleks Jaskiewicz, Jr. – Crestwood
OL: Emmett Moore, Sr. – Dallas
OL: Chase Schuckers, Jr. – Berwick
ATH: Jaden Shedlock, So. – Crestwood
K: Rowan Laubach, Jr. – Dallas


DL: D.J. Battle, Jr. – Wilkes-Barre
DL: Brady Rosencrans, Sr. – Dallas
DL: Chase Schuckers, Jr. – Berwick
DL: Peter Youngcourt, Sr. – Hazleton Area
DL: Kaleb Way, Sr. – Williamsport
LB: Deacon Brown, Jr. – Williamsport
LB: John Cummings, Sr. – Dallas
LB: James DeAndrea, Sr. – Berwick
LB: Clark VanOrden, Jr. – Dallas
DB: Treyvon Gembitski, So. – Wilkes-Barre
DB: Billy Hanson, Jr. – Berwick
DB: Gavin Lewis, Jr. – Dallas
DB: Matt Sklarosky, Sr. – Crestwood
P: Rowan Laubach, Jr. – Dallas

QB Caleb Williamson, Sr. – Williamsport; RB: James Barrett, Sr. – Crestwood; FB: Hunter Johnson, Jr. –  Hazleton Area; WR: Treyvon Gembitski, So. – Wilkes-Barre, WR: Maki Wells, Sr. – Wyoming Valley West; TE: Harrison Snyder, Sr. – Berwick; OL: Robert Anderson, Sr. -Hazleton Area; OL: Connor Chapple, Sr. – Wilkes-Barre, OL:  Waylon Dauber, Sr. – Williamsport; OL: Brady Neenan, So. – Williamsport, OL Peter Youngcourt, Sr. – Hazleton Area;  ATH: Colin Lazo, Jr. – Crestwood; K: Luke Peters, Sr. – Berwick

DL: Brayan Calcano, Sr. – Hazleton Area, DL: Micah Delker, Jr. – Williamsport;  DL: Tommy King, Jr. – Hazleton Area; DL: Jarratt Webb, Jr. –  Dallas; LB Hunter Johnson, Jr. – Hazleton Area, LB: Mayson Girton, Sr. – Crestwood,  LB: Logan Sincavage, Jr. – Wilkes-Barre, LB: Tyler Ruddy, Jr. – Wyoming Valley West; DB: Aiden Everett, Jr. – Williamsport, DB: Josh Kishbaugh, Sr. – Berwick, DB: Javon Goodman, Sr. – Wilkes-Barre, DB: Riley VanGist, Jr. – Hazleton Area;  P: Rowan Laubach, Jr. – Dallas