Every week, we will give you a capsule preview of every game involving WVC and LFC teams presented by Dickson City Hyundai. The games will be listed based on how competitive they are, rivalry impact and storylines. So, if you are looking for a game to go watch, this guide will help you each week.

Matchup Scale

Must-see: Four Footballs Rating

Great: Three Footballs Rating

Good: Two Footballs Rating

Fair: One Football Rating


Dunmore Bucks (3-2) at Mid Valley Spartans (4-1)

Spartan Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division II
Series: Dunmore 40-5
Last Meeting: 2022 – Dunmore 37-2
Last Week:  Lackawanna Trail 46, Dunmore 21; Mid Valley 35, Susquehanna 8
Players To Watch
Dunmore: DL Chris Conte; Mid Valley: RB Jayden Manson
 The Skinny: It’s only the first division game, but the Spartans have moved themselves to a contender. So, this is already a big game for both teams considering Dunmore is the favorite to win the division. The Bucks are trying to bounce back after being humbled at home last week. Mid Valley is red-hot running the football
Key Matchup: Mid Valley offensive line vs. Dunmore running backs
Favorite: Dunmore by 4

Valley View Cougars (5-0) at Abington Heights Comets (4-1)

Comets Stadium (Grass), Saturday 1pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division I
Valley View 31-20-2
Last Meeting: 2022 – Valley View 21-14
Last Week: Abington Heights 35, Wallenpaupack 28; Valley View 41, Pittston Area 7
Players To Watch
Valley View: TE Kyle Rupp; Abington Heights: RB Anthony Curra
The Skinny: It’s been a resurgence for Abington and the Comets can make a point if they can win this week. The Cougars secondary and pass rush will present the biggest challenge to date for the vaunted Comets passing game. Abington will also have to stop the run and it’s not easy considering Valley View throws so many different players at opposing defenses.
Key Matchup: Abington passing game vs. Valley View secondary
Favorite: Valley View by 6

Wilkes-Barre Wolfpack (3-2) at Crestwood Comets (2-3)

Crestwood Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm 
WVC Division 1
Crestwood 2-0
Last Meeting:
2022 – Crestwood 45-14
Last Week: Wilkes-Barre 34, Berwick 21; Crestwood 28, Williamsport 3;
Players to Watch
Wilkes-Barre: WR Evan Laybourn-Boddie; Crestwood: LB Lincoln Bibla
The Skinny:  It looks like the Comets have righted the ship and the Wolfpack is playing their best football right now. This is a key WVC Division 1 matchup where the loser is probably out for the title. Crestwood is finally at full strength health-wise and Wilkes-Barre got Evan Laybourn-Boddie into the lineup after he was originally found ineligible to start the season.
Key Matchup: Crestwood secondary vs. Wilkes-Barre wide receivers
Favorite: Wilkes-Barre by 3

Scranton Knights (4-1) at Wyoming Area Warriors (5-0)

Jake Sobeski Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
Conference Crossover
Tied 1-1
Last Meeting: 2022 – Scranton 38-7
Last Week: Scranton 33, North Pocono 27; Wyoming Area 47, Hanover Area 0
Players To Watch
Scranton: OL Javon James; Wyoming Area: OL Anthony VanAuken
The Skinny: The Knights are riding high after a huge comeback last Friday. The Warriors haven’t been challenged much so far this season so this will be a good test. Two ranked teams with lots of bulk up front and that could determine who wins the game.
Key Matchup: Scranton QB Billy Maloney vs. Wyoming Area linebackers
Favorite: Wyoming Area by 2


Old Forge Blue Devils (2-3) at Lackawanna Trail Lions (5-0)

Lions Pride Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division III
Old Forge 27-21
Last Meeting: 2022 – Lackawanna Trail 24-21
Last Week:  Old Forge 28, Lakeland 13; Lackawanna Trail 46, Dunmore 21
Players To Watch
Old Forge: LB Tavin Brooks; Lackawanna Trail: DL Cooper Patterson
The Skinny: This will be a preview of the Class 1A title game. Last season, the Devils won the regular season game and then the Lions won the title game to advance to the state playoffs. The teams are in different spots this season. Trail is one of the best teams in the state at their level while Old Forge struggles each week. Expect the Blue Devils to fight hard, but an upset is unlikely.
Key Matchup: Old Forge defensive line vs. Lackawanna Trail offensive line
Favorite: Lackawanna Trail by 20

Scranton Prep Cavaliers (4-1) at Wallenpaupack Buckhorns (2-3)

Wallenpaupack Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
LFC Division I
Series: Scranton Prep 7-3
Last Meeting: 2022 – Scranton Prep 44-7
Last Week:Delaware Valley 31, Scranton Prep 27; Abington Heights 35, Wallenpaupack 28
Players To Watch
Scranton Prep: RB Will McPartland; Wallenpaupack: WR Jake Holbert;
The Skinny: The Buckhorns had a fourth quarter lead against a ranked team last week while the Cavaliers lost for the first time in 2023. Never easy to go up to the big lake and Prep might have to do so without their starting quarterback. Will be lots of purple in the crowd for this one.
Key Matchup: Prep running game vs. Paupack front seven
Scranton Prep by 16

North Pocono Trojans (2-3) at Delaware Valley Warriors (2-3)

Warriors Stadium (Turf), Saturday, 4pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division I
Delaware Valley 17-8
Last Meeting:
2022 – Delaware Valley 42-7
Last Week: Scranton 33, North Pocono 27; Delaware Valley 31, Scranton Prep 27
Players to Watch
North Pocono: TE Evan Wolff; Delaware Valley: LB Kolten Handy
The Skinny: It’s the annual Warriors Day so this game will be on Saturday afternoon. The Trojans have lost to two ranked teams the past two weeks by a combined 13 points. The Warriors are unbeaten against District 2 teams after losing the first three games of the season to state-ranked opponents. The win last week puts DV in the drivers seat for the division although the schedule is not easy.
Key Matchup: North Pocono wide receivers vs. Delaware Valley secondary
Favorite: Delaware Valley by 16

Nanticoke Trojans (2-3) at Pittston Area Patriots (2-3)

Charley Trippi Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm- Media: NEPAFootball.com
WVC Division 2
Pittston Area 18-10
Last Meeting: 2022 – Pittston Area 35-6
Last Week: Nanticoke 32, Lake-Lehman 0; Valley View 41, Pittston Area 7
Players To Watch
Nanticoke: TE Jaidyn Johnson; Pittston Area: WR Matt Walter
The Skinny: The winner of this game will be able to make the claim they are the second best team in WVC Division 2. The Patriots are young, but have improved every week. The Trojans are experienced and have weapons. But to get a win on the road against Pittston won’t be easy.
Key Matchup: Nanticoke secondary vs. Pittston wide receivers
Favorite: Nanticoke by 10

Western Wayne Wildcats (3-2) at West Scranton Invaders (1-4)

Scranton Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
WVC Division 2
Western Wayne 5-3
Last Meeting:
2022 – Western Wayne 35-0
Last Week: Western Wayne 28, Carbondale 0; West Scranton 41, Hazleton 31
Players To Watch
Western Wayne:
WR Ethan Grodack; West Scranton: RB Hunter Baumgardner
The Skinny: The Invaders have improved every week and that finally paid off with their first win of 2023. Their high-flying offense is letting them compete and if they can fix the defense, they will be a formidable opponent each week. The Wildcats are physical – both pounding the football and on the defensive side of the ball. Two different philsophies but should be an entertaining game.
Key Matchup: Western Wayne offensive line vs. West Scranton defensive line
Western Wayne by 12


Lakeland Chiefs (1-4) at Honesdale Hornets (1-4)

Hornets Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
LFC Division II
Lakeland 16-8
Last Meeting: 2022 – Lakeand 42-2
Last Week: Old Forge 28, Lakeland 13; Honesdale 51, Tunkhannock 6
Players To Watch
Lakeland: RB Chris Chmiola; Honesdale: WR Zachary Gledhill
The Skinny: The Hornets offense exploded to help earn their first win of the season. It was good balance as QB Aiden Collins was responsible for five touchdowns. The Chiefs had issues last week in the secondary giving up four passing touchdowns. Honesdale has improved every week, but Lakeland is sputtering right now.
Key Matchup: Lakeland secondary vs. Honesdale passing game
Honesdale by 9

Holy Cross Crusaders (3-2) at Susquehanna Sabers (3-2)

William Emminger Memorial Field (Grass), Saturday 1pm
LFC Division III
Series: Susquehanna 15-2
Last Meeting: 2022 – Susquehanna 45-0
Last Week: Holy Cross 29, Col-Mont Vo-Tech 28; Mid Valley 35, Susquehanna 8 
Players To Watch
Holy Cross: OL Zach Minich; Susquehanna: RB Sam Callahan
The Skinny: This is normally a game between two losing teams, but both teams had a suprisingly successful first halfs of the season. Both teams want to run the ball and should be able to. The defenses will decide this game.
Key Matchup: Holy Cross offensive line vs. Susquehanna linebackers
Susquehanna by 8

Hanover Area Hawkeyes (1-4) at Holy Redeemer Royals (0-5)

Spartans Stadium (Grass), Saturday 7pm
WVC Division 2
Hanover Area 10-3
Last Meeting:
2022 – Holy Redeemer 48-0
Last Week: Wyoming Area 47, Hanover Area 0; Milton 66, Holy Redeemer 0
Players To Watch
Hanover Area:
LB Noah Boehm; Holy Redeemer: WR Nick Latinski
The Skinny: Both these teams are on losing streaks. The Hawkeyes have lost four straight while the Royals have lost six straight dating back to last season. Hanover has shown some offensive prowess, but Redeemer’s offense has been the worst in ther WVC and we don’t expect that to improve any time soon
Key Matchup: Hanover Area run game vs. Holy Redeemer defensive line
Hanover by 20

Lake-Lehman Black Knights (1-4) at Tunkhannock Tigers (3-2)

Tunkhannock Memorial Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm 
WVC Division 2
Lake-Lehman 27-9-1
Last Meeting:
2022 – Lake-Lehman 14-7
Last Week: Nanticoke 42, Lake-Lehman 0; Honesdale 51, Tunkhannock 6
Players To Watch
Lake-Lehman: DB Carter Deyo; Tunkhannock: RB Caden Simmers
The Skinny: The Tigers were tripped up last Friday to stop their three-game win streak while Lehman was shut out at home. Tunkhannock was still able to run the ball, but the defense was shredded for 51 points. The Black Knights still having issues finding an identity on offense
Key Matchup: Lehman defensive line vs. Tunkhannock run game
Favorite: Tunkhannock by 14

Hazleton Area Cougars (1-4) at Dallas Mountaineers (5-0)

Mountaineer Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm- Media: NEPAFootball.com
WVC Division 1
Hazleton 6-5
Last Meeting:
2022 – Dallas 42-20
Last Week: West Scranton 41, Hazleton 34; Dallas 45, Wyoming Valley West 0
Players to Watch
 Hazleton Area: WR Riley VanGilst; Dallas: OL Dan Sabulski
The Skinny: This was the WVC Game of the Year in 2022 with both teams undefeated heading into that contest. However, both teams are in different places this season. Dallas is arguably the best team in the conference and Hazleton is struggling with an inexperienced roster. We don’t expect much resistance from the Cougars,
Favorite: Dallas by 23

Riverside Vikings (3-2) at Carbondale Area Chargers (1-4)

Cerra Sports Complex (Grass), Friday 7pm
LFC Division III
Riverside 11-5
Last Meeting: 2022 – Riverside 54-13
Last Week: Riverside 49, Mahanoy Area 28; Western Wayne 28, Carbondale Area 0
Players To Watch
Riverside: WR JJ Rogers; Carbondale: QB Darryl Bennett
The Skinny: The Vikings are trying to find some consistency by winning back-to-back games for the first time in 2023. The Chargers are young, but have been gritty on defense. They will have to be at their best to deal with the explosive Riverside offense.
Key Matchup: Carbondale secondary vs. Riverside pass game
Favorite: Riverside by 27

Wyoming Valley West Spartans (1-4) at Berwick Bulldogs (1-4)

Spartan Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
WVC Division 1
Berwick 29-17
Last Meeting: 2022 – Berwick 41-13
Last Week: Dallas 45, Wyoming Valley West 0; Wilkes-Barre 34, Berwick 21;
Players To Watch
Valley West: QB Carson Brown; Berwick: WR Ty’Meere Wilkerson
The Skinny: Two of most storied programs in the WVC have combined for two wins this season. The Spartans are playing without their starting quarterback and the Bulldogs defense, which has been good in recent years, is stuggling in 2023. Berwick needs a win badly if they are going to make the playoffs as the schedule won’t get much easier down the stretch.
Key Matchup: Valley West run game vs. Berwick defensive line
Favorite: Berwick by 10

Central Mountain Wildcats (2-3) at Williamsport Millionaires (1-4)

STA Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
District Crossover
Williamsport 14-6
Last Meeting:
2022 – Williamsport 48-16
Last Week: Crestwood 28, Williamsport 3; Shamokin 27, Central Mountain 14
Players To Watch
Central Mountain: RB Rocco Serafini; Williamsport: WR Salaij Moses
The Skinny: The Millionaires want forget about the first half of the season. Their last season in the WVC isn’t going as planned. The offense had been disappointing compared to expectations.
Key Matchup: Central Mountain secondary vs. Williamsport wide receivers
  Central Mountain by 2