Every week, we will give you a capsule preview of every game involving WVC and LFC teams presented by Dickson City Hyundai. The games will be listed based on how competitive they are, rivalry impact and storylines. So, if you are looking for a game to go watch, this guide will help you each week.

Matchup Scale

Must-see: Four Footballs Rating

Great: Three Footballs Rating

Good: Two Footballs Rating

Fair: One Football Rating


Lackawanna Trail Lions (4-0) at Dunmore Bucks (3-1)

Dunmore Veterans Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division Crossover
Dunmore 10-3
Last Meeting:
2022 – Dunmore 24-7
Last Week: Lackawanna Trail 39, Honesdale 13; Dunmore 20, Riverside 15
Players to Watch
Lackawanna Trail: RB/DB Issac Ryon; Dunmore: QB Thomas Bowen;
The Skinny: Battle of No. 2 vs. No. 3. This is a good bar to see where Trail is. They are state-ranked in Class 1A and while the Bucks have played some close games, they still haven’t lost in District 2. The Lions have so many offensive weapons that it will be interesting to see how Dunmore handles it. Meanwhile, the Bucks need to find a consistent running game.
Key Matchup: Dunmore defensive line vs. Trail running backs
Favorite: Dunmore by 5

Delaware Valley Warriors (1-3) at Scranton Prep Cavaliers (4-0)

Dunmore Veterans Memorial Stadium (Turf), Saturday 1pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division I
Delaware Valley 5-4
Last Meeting:
2022 – Scranton Prep 20-13
Last Week: Delaware Valley 41, Wallenpaupack 14; Scranton Prep 34, Scranton 0
Players to Watch
Delaware Valley: QB Logan Olsommer; Scranton Prep: WR/DB Liam Barrett
The Skinny:  This game could be for the LFC Division I title as these two teams were predicted 1-2 in the preseason predictions. Nobody has come close to stopping the Cavaliers while the Warriors got back on track last week once they were back in the district. This will be Prep’s biggest challenge up front to date as DV has size and experience plus physical linebackers. Should be a good one.
Key Matchup: DV secondary vs. Prep’s wide receivers
Favorite: Scranton Prep by 7

Berwick Bulldogs (1-3) at Wilkes-Barre Wolfpack (2-2)

Wilkes-Barre Stadium (Turf), Friday, 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
WVC Division 1
Berwick 2-1
Last Meeting:
2022  – Wilkes-Barre 35-21
Last Week: Berwick 21, Williamsport 7; Wilkes-Barre 27, Hazleton 8
Players to Watch
Berwick: OL Chase Schuckers; Wilkes-Barre: WR Javon Goodwin
The Skinny: Berwick got its first win with a strong defensive effort. It will be challenged by a Wolfpack offense that is explosive and averaging 27 points per game. The running back matchup should be key as Tyler Winter and Howie Shiner are two of the more underrated backs in the WVC.
Key Matchup: Berwick offensive line vs Wilkes-Barre linebackers
Favorite: Wilkes-Barre by 4

Susquehanna Sabers (3-1) at Mid Valley Spartans (3-1)

Spartan Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
LFC Division Crossover
Mid Valley 20-9
Last Meeting: 2022 – Mid Valley 34-14
Last Week: Susquehanna 26, Lakeland 13; Mid Valley 41, Old Forge 14
Players To Watch
Susquehanna: RB Weston Yannone; Mid Valley: OL Gavin Richards
The Skinny: Two of the biggest surprises in the LFC, the Spartans can double their win total from 2022 while the Sabers can match their win total from last year. Mid Valley has a dynamic offense that has been good in the running and passing game, but the key will the the defense as the Sabers’ veer can give people problems.
Key Matchup: Susquehanna Veer vs. Mid Valley defensive line
Mid Valley by 7


Abington Heights Comets (3-1) at Wallenpaupack Buckhorns (2-2)

Wallenpaupack Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
LFC Division I
Series: Abington Heights 19-4
Last Meeting: 2022 – Abington Heights 24-12
Last Week: Abington Heights 34, Western Wayne 14; Delaware Valley 41, Wallenpaupack 14; 
Players To Watch
Abington Heights: LB/FB Austin Boersma; Wallenpaupack: WR Mike Passanti
 The Skinny: The Comets are off to their best start since 2016 and the offense has been one of the best to date in the LFC. The defense did a good job last week against the run. Paupack has size and athletes but will have to find a way to contain the Abington passing game which has tough matchups all over the field.
Key Matchup: Abington receivers vs Wallenpaupack secondary
Favorite: Abington Heights by 13

North Pocono Trojans (2-2) at Scranton Knights (3-1)

Scranton Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division I
Scranton 17-13
Last Meeting:
2022 – Scranton 35-0
Last Week: Valley View 14, North Pocono 7; Scranton Prep 34, Scranton 0
Players To Watch
North Pocono: WR Cole West; Scranton: OL/DL Adan Salazar
The Skinny: Scranton has to recover quickly to play another physical division opponent. The Knights offense disappeared last week and turned the ball over times. The Trojans defense continues to be their strength while the offense is trying to find an identity. Both quarterbacks are very good athletes and should have an impact on this game.
Key Matchup: North Pocono linebackers vs. Scranton QB Billy Maloney
Favorite: Scranton by 3

Tunkhannock Tigers (3-1) at Honesdale Hornets (0-4)

Hornets Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
Conference Crossover
Honesdale 5-4
Last Meeting: 2022 – Honesdale 34-0
Last Week: Tunkhannock 25, Carbondale 14; Lackawanna Trail 39, Honedale 13 
Players To Watch
Tunkhannock: WR Caarter O’Neill; Honesdale: FB/LB Bradley Bibalo
The Skinny: The Tigers have changed their identity and it is working. They went from a spread to pound the football with their new coaching staff. The defense has also been better in 2023. Honesdale had a tough schedule to start the season and will make their home debut on their new turf at Hornets Stadium. Expect this one to be close.
Key Matchup: Tunkhannock offensive line vs. Honesdale front 7
Favorite: Tunkhannock by 8

Old Forge Blue Devils (1-3) at Lakeland Chiefs (1-3)

Lakeland Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division Crossover
Lakeland 8-5-1
Last Meeting: 2022 – Lakeland 47-20
Last Week:  Mid Valley 41, Old Forge 14; Susquehanna 26, Lakeland 13
Players To Watch
Old Forge: WR Nick Novak; Lakeland: OL Lyndon Bella
The Skinny: Two of the most successful programs in the area in recent years have fallen on hard times. Old Forge has it’s smallest roster in years and depth has been an issue with injuries. The Chiefs offense has sputtered with the new personnel, but they should get their QB back this week. One of these teams will get what can be considered a big win.
Key Matchup: Old Forge defensive front vs. Lakeland offensive line
Favorite: Lakeland by 3

Crestwood Comets (1-3) at Williamsport Millionaires (1-3)

STA Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
WVC Division 1
Tied 6-6
Last Meeting: 2022 – Crestwood 51-13
Last Week: Crestwood 17, Wyoming Valley West 7; Berwick 21, Williamsport 7
Players To Watch
Crestwood: WR/DB Matt Sklarosky; Williamsport: WR Samaj Hale
The Skinny: The Comets schedule has been the toughest in the WVC and after three one-score losses, Crestwood finally got into the win column with a strong defensive effort. The Millionaires threw the ball all over the field last week with success but only managed 7 points. Williamsport needs a win badly after this slow start.
Key Matchup: Crestwood secondary vs. Wiliamsport wide receivers
Favorite: Williamsport by 2

Pittston Area Patriots (2-2) at Valley View Cougars (4-0)

John Henzes Veterans Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
Conference Crossover
Valley View 12-5-1
Last Meeting: 2022 – Valley View 40-12
Last Week: Pittston Area 35, Hanover Area 6; Valley View 14, North Pocono 7
Players To Watch
Pittston Area: WR Lucas Lopresto; Valley View: QB Casey Malsberger
The Skinny: Valley View escaped last week after committing three turnovers and two other red-zone visits marred by penalties. The offense has really started to look dynamic with multiple options all over the field. The Patriots will need to protect the quarterback in order to let their receivers have time to get open.
Key Matchup: Pittston linebackers vs. Valley View running backs
Favorite: Valley View by 14

West Scranton Invaders (0-4) at Hazleton Area Cougars (1-3)

Harman-Geist Memorial Field (Turf), Friday 7pm
Conference Crossover
Series: West Scranton 11-4-1
Last Meeting: 2022 – Hazleton 42-7
Last Week:  Dallas 56, West Scranton 20; Wilkes-Barre 27, Hazleton 8
Players To Watch
West Scranton: RB Shamier Lyons; Hazleton: WR Yohansel Moran
The Skinny: It was a disappointing offensive showing by the Cougars last week after looking like they were finally figuring things out. The Invaders offense can make big plays, but the defense might be one of the worst in the area. They will have to improve there to find wins.
Key Matchup: West Scranton receivers vs. Hazleton secondary
Hazleton by 15

Nanticoke Trojans (1-3) at Lake-Lehman Black Knights (1-3)

Eddie Edwards Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
WVC Division 2
Lake-Lehman 26-25
Last Meeting: 2022 – Nanticoke 35-13
Last Week:  Wyoming Area 35, Nanticoke 13; Lake-Lehman 43, Holy Redeemer 19
Players To Watch
Nanticoke: QB Seth Raymer; Lake-Lehman: RB Gavin Shoemaker
The Skinny: Nanticoke has been tough up front, but injuries have taken away playmakers including the quarterback for the season and leading rusher Zack Fox last week. The Black Knights finally got in the win column and hope that momentum gets them another win in the division.
Key Matchup: Nanticoke offensive line vs. Lake-Lehman defensive front
Favorite: Nanticoke by 10

Dallas Mountaineers (4-0) at Wyoming Valley West Spartans (1-3)

Spartans Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
WVC Division 1
Wyoming Valley West 17-15
Last Meeting: 2022 – Dallas 45-14
Last Week: Dallas 56, West Scranton 20; Crestwood 17, Valley West 7
Players To Watch
Dallas: DB Nate Malarkey; Valley West: WR Tyler Mattis
The Skinny: This game used to be one of the biggest in the WVC, but the Spartan program has fallen on hard times and the Mounts keep rolling through the regular season.
Key Matchup: Dallas defensive line vs. Valley West’s RB Isaiah Cobb
Favorite: Dallas by 20

Col-Mont Vo-Tech Rams (1-3) at Holy Cross Crusaders (2-2)

Msgr. Crotti Field (Grass), Saturday 1pm
District Crossover
Series: Col-Mont Vo-Tech 3-2
Last Meeting: 2022 – Col-Mont Vo-Tech 28-6
Last Week: Col-Mont Vo-Tech 62, Renaissance Academy 32; Holy Cross 7, Montrose 6
Players To Watch
Col-Mont Vo-Tech: DL Gabe Sauder; Holy Cross: WR David Jennings
The Skinny: This game was one that the Crusaders won last season and they hope it will start a winning streak for 2022. Both teams defenses have struggled. Holy Cross gave up 70 points in a game earlier this season while Col-Mont Vo-Tech gave up 72 last week.
Key Matchup: Col-Mont run defense vs Holy Cross running game 
Holy Cross by 3


Wyoming Area Warriors (4-0) at Hanover Area Hawkeyes (1-3)

Hanover Memorial Field (Grass), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
WVC Division 2
Wyoming Area 33-9
Last Meeting: 2022 – Wyoming Area 56-14
Last Week: Wyoming Area 35, Nanticoke 13; Pittston Area 35, Hanover Area 6
Players To Watch
Wyoming Area: WR Kevin Wiedl; Hanover Area: OL Ezekiel Hernaiz
The Skinny: The Warriors have been rolling and have already avenged two losses from 2022. That roll should continue this week as Wyoming Area works on all aspects of their game. Hanover is still trying to find their way and although better than last season, they aren’t ready to compete with the big boys just yet.
Key Matchup: Wyoming Area passing game vs. Hanover pass rush
Wyoming Area by 23

Carbondale Area Chargers (1-3) at Western Wayne Wildcats (2-2)

Sharkey-Rosetti Sports Complex (Turf), Friday 7pm
LFC Division Crossover
Carbondale Area 28-12
Last Meeting:
2022 – Western Wayne 38-7
Last Week: Tunkhannock 14, Carbondale 6; Abington Heights 34, Western Wayne 14
Players To Watch
Carbondale: RB Ethan Brewen; Western Wayne: OL Evan Dean
The Skinny: The Wildcats running game was shut down last week which doesn’t happen very often so expect them to try to restablish that this week. Carbondale trying to figure things out with a very young roster, but will struggle with Western Wayne’s size and athletes.
Key Matchup: Carbondale defensive front vs Western Wayne run game
Western Wayne by 20

Mahanoy Area Golden Bears (1-3) at Riverside Vikings (2-2)

Riverside Veterans Memorial Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm
District Crossover
Riverside 1-0
Last Meeting: Riverside 41-18
Last Week: Catasauqua 35, Mahanoy Area 14; Dunmore 20, Riverside 15
Players To Watch
Mahanoy: QB Levi Terry; Riverside: WR Gerry Rose
The Skinny: Riverside had little problem in this matchup last season and the Vikings are better in 2023. Expect them to air it out to get QB Chase Taddonio reps after returning last week from an injury.
Key Matchup: Riverside pass protection vs. Mahanoy front 7
Riverside by 13

Holy Redeemer Royals (0-4) at Milton Panthers (3-1)

Milton Alumni Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm
District Crossover
Milton 2-0
Last Meeting:
2022 – Milton 42-13
Last Week: Lake-Lehman 43, Holy Redeemer 19; Milton 12, Mt. Carmel 7
Players To Watch
Holy Redeemer: WR Kyerre McClean; Milton: WR Montgomery Fisher
The Skinny: This one will get ugly fast. The Royals have issues up front and Milton is coming off a win over a state-ranked team. The Panthers should dominate.
Key Matchup: Redeemer offensive line vs. Milton linebackers
Milton by 35