Every week, we will give you a capsule preview of every game involving WVC and LFC teams presented by Dickson City Hyundai. The games will be listed based on how competitive they are, rivalry impact and storylines. So, if you are looking for a game to go watch, this guide will help you each week.

Matchup Scale

Must-see: Four Footballs Rating

Great: Three Footballs Rating

Good: Two Footballs Rating

Fair: One Football Rating


Old Forge Blue Devils (5-5) at Lackawanna Trail Lions (10-0)

Lions Pride Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
District 2 Class 1A Championship Game
Old Forge 27-22
Last Meeting: 2023 – Lackawanna Trail 41-7
Last Week:  Old Forge 33, Carbondale 10; Lackawanna Trail 46, Susquehanna 0
Players To Watch
Old Forge: QB T.J. DiMattia; Lackawanna Trail: FB Hunter Patterson;
The Skinny: This is the only championship game of Week 11 and it’s a rematch of a regular season game that Trail dominated. Of course last year, Old Forge won the regular season matchup and then the Lions upset the Blue Devils in the title game. So, you never know. But odds are Lackawanna Trail will remain unbeaten.
Key Matchup: Old Forge linebackers vs. Lackawanna Trail running backs
Favorite: Lackawanna Trail by 17

Nanticoke Trojans (6-4) at Crestwood Comets (5-5)

Crestwood Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
District 2 Class 4A Quarterfinal
Crestwood 12-11-1
Last Meeting: 2022 – Crestwood 61-7
Last Week: Nanticoke 54, Hanover Area 0; North Pocono 27, Crestwood 10
Players To Watch
Nanticoke: RB Zack Fox; Crestwood: RB James Barrett
The Skinny: This is also a rematch from the 2022 playoffs that saw the Comets win by 54. However, they were the No. 1 seed and Nanticoke was 8. This year, it’s a 4 vs. 5 and should be an interesting game. The Trojans are looking for that signature win while Crestwood defends their Class 4A crown.
Key Matchup: Nanticoke offensive line vs. Crestwood defensive line
Favorite: Crestwood by 8

Riverside Vikings (7-3) at Mid Valley Spartans (7-3)

Spartan Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
District 2 Class 2A Semifinal
Series: Riverside 22-11-1
Last Meeting: 2023 – Mid Valley 14-12
Last Week: Riverside 56, Holy Cross 0; Mid Valley 28, Lakeland 17
Players To Watch
Riverside: QB Chase Taddonio; Mid Valley: RB Jakob Lesher
 The Skinny: The defenses ruled in the meeting earlier this season and the Spartans defense came up big at the end to earn the upset win. Can they stop the high-powered Vikings offense again? Probably the biggest tossup of the first week of the playoffs.
Key Matchup: Riverside run defense vs. Mid Valley offensive line
Favorite: Mid Valley by 3

Scranton Knights (5-5) at Abington Heights Comets (6-4)

Comets Stadium (Grass), Saturday 1pm 
District 2 Class 5A Semifinal
Abington Heights 20-13-1
Last Meeting: 2023 – Abington Heights 14-0
Last Week: Scranton 35, Wallenpaupack 14; Delaware Valley 42, Abington Heights 7
Players To Watch
Scranton: QB Billy Maloney; Abington Heights: WR Gavin Anders  
The Skinny: In the meeting earlier this season, the Comets recorded six interceptions and pitched a shutout. Scranton has to stay away from turnovers and get more people involved on offense. Low scoring the first time, we expect more points in this game.
Key Matchup: Abington Heights receivers vs. Scranton secondary
Abington Heights by 4

Berwick Bulldogs (3-7) at Valley View Cougars (8-2)

John Henzes Veterans Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
District 2 Class 4A Quarterfinal
Valley View 10-5
Last Meeting: 2023 – Valley View 34-19
Last Week: Berwick 39, Hazleton 34; Scranton Prep 26, Valley View 7
Players To Watch
Berwick: WR Billy Hanson; Valley View: DE Robbie Nolan
The Skinny: The Cougars got the win at Crispin Field earlier this season and have dominated this series winning nine straight including some playoff wins along the way. The Bulldogs aren’t as bad as their record indicates and Valley View has lost two of three albeit to two of the best teams in the area.
Key Matchup: Berwick linebackers vs. Valley View offensive line
Valley View by 14

North Pocono Trojans (4-6) at Wyoming Area Warriors (9-1)

Jake Sobeski Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
District 2 Class 4A Quarterfinal
North Pocono 2-0
Last Meeting: 2015 – North Pocono 26-21
Last Week: North Pocono 27, Crestwood 10; Wyoming Area 35, Pittston Area 14
Players To Watch
North Pocono: WR Cole West; Wyoming Area: QB Anthony DeLucca
The Skinny: Wyoming Area has only one loss, but have something to prove to the cynics who have decried their schedule. A win over a solid LFC team should help. The Trojans played their best game of the season last week in their win and have some dangerous weapons. The North Pocono defense will have to find a way to contain Aaron Crossley.
Key Matchup: North Pocono linebackers vs. Wyoming run game
Wyoming Area by 13

Wilkes-Barre Wolfpack (6-4) at Nazareth Blue Eagles (9-1)

Nazareth Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm 
District 2/4/11 Class 6A Subregional Quarterfinal
First Meeting
Last Week: Wilkes-Barre 42 Valley West 0; Nazareth 40, Easton 0
Players To Watch
Wilkes-Barre: RB Howie Shiner; Nazareth: QB Peyton Falzone
The Skinny: Nazareth’s only loss is to top seed Parkland. Wilkes-Barre is trying to gain some respect from the District 11 teams and win a subregional playoff game for the first time. The Wolfpack are the underdog but do have the team speed to stay in the game.
Key Matchup: Wilkes-Barre secondary vs. Nazareth passing game
Nazareth by 20

Lake-Lehman Black Knights (2-8) at Western Wayne Wildcats (7-3)

Sharkey-Rosetti Sports Complex (Turf), Friday 7pm
District 2 Class 3A Semifinal
Western Wayne 4-1
Last Meeting:
2023 – Western Wayne 35-13
Last Week: Dallas 56, Lake-Lehman 0; Western Wayne 35, Honesdale 20
Players To Watch
Lake-Lehman: QB Hayden Evans; Western Wayne: WR Sean Owens
The Skinny: These two teams met all the way back in Week 1 with the Wildcats winning easily on the road. The trajectory of each team kept going the same way the rest of the season. Western Wayne will try to pound the football and Lehman has to find a way to stop it.
Key Matchup: Lake-Lehman defensive line vs. Western Wayne offensive line
Favorite: Western Wayne by 21

Pittston Area Patriots (5-5) at Delaware Valley Warriors (7-3)

Warrior Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
District 2 Class 5A Semifinal
Delaware Valley 1-0
Last Meeting: Delaware Valley 41-0
Last Week:
 Wyoming Area 35, Pittston Area 14; Delaware Valley 42, Abington Heights 7
Players To Watch
Pittston Area: WR Lucas Lopresto; Delaware Valley: QB Logan Olsommer
The Skinny: This is a rematch of a Class 5A semifinal from last season that saw the Warriors go into Pittston and rout the Patriots. This year, Delaware Valley is a dominant team while Pittston Area is getting a lot of young players experience.
Key Matchup: Delaware Valley secondary vs. Pittston passing game
Favorite: Delaware Valley by 27

Wallenpaupack Buckhorns (2-8) at Dallas Mountaineers (10-0)

Mountaineer Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm 
District 2 Class 4A Quarterfinal
Dallas 6-2
Last Meeting: 2023 – Dallas 31-3
Last Week: Scranton 35, Wallenpaupack 14; Dallas 56, Lake-Lehman 0
Players To Watch
WR Jake Holbert; Dallas: RB Dylan Geskey
The Skinny: These two teams met Week 8 and it was only a 10 point game at halftime. This will be Buckhorn coach Mark Watson’s last game unless his team can pull the upset. Won’t be easy against one of only two District 2 unbeaten teams and Dallas gets the homefield this time around as well.
Key Matchup: Wallenpaupack run game vs. Dallas defensive line
Favorite: Dallas by 28

Hanover Area Hawkeyes (3-7) at Scranton Prep Cavaliers (9-1)

Dunmore Veterans Memorial Stadium (Turf), Saturday 1pm
District 2 Class 3A Semifinal
Series: First Meeting
Last Week: Nanticoke 56, Hanover Area 0; Scranton Prep 26, Valley View 6
Players To Watch
Hanover Area: WR Deacon Eisenbach; Scranton Prep: RB Quinten Palermo
The Skinny: Prep hasn’t had many close games in recent playoff history, especially in the semfinals. Mercy rule is anticipated as the gap between these two teams is very wide.
Key Matchup: Hanover Area defensive front vs. Prep offensive line
Scranton Prep by 50

Susquehanna Sabers (5-5) at Dunmore Bucks (8-2)

Dunmore Veterans Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
District 2 Class 2A Semifinal
Dunmore 12-1
Last Meeting: 2023 – Dunmore 35-12
Last Week: Lackawanna Trail 42, Susquehanna 0; Dunmore 42, West Scranton 19
Players To Watch
Susquehanna: QB Weston Yannone; Dunmore: DL Chris Conte
The Skinny: Dunmore took a trip early in the season up to Susquehanna and got an easy victory. Expect more of the same, but this time in Bucktown.
Key Matchup: Susquehanna defensive line vs. Dunmore running game
Favorite: Dunmore by 28

Williamsport Millionaires (5-5) at Parkland Trojans (10-0)

Parkland Stadium (Turf), Friday, 7pm
District 2/4/11 Class 6A Subregional Quarterfinal
Parkland 2-0
Last Meeting:
1999 – Parkland 56-7
Last Week: Williamsport 33, Tunkhannock 0; Parkland 41, Emmaus 14
Players to Watch
QB Caleb Williamson; Parkland: RB Trey Tremba
The Skinny: The Millionaires are a big underdog to the state-ranked and unbeaten Trojans. Williamsport offense will have to put up a ton of points to keep it close.
Key Matchup: Williamsport passing game vs. Parkland secondary
Favorite: Parkland by 31