The Rick, Week 4 – 2022
By Rick Notari, BDFN
(1764-487 overall, .783 winning percentage) 

Look how they massacred my boy

 It was a rough week for The Family. The Rick not only suffered losses with his picks, but also with significant losses by The Family teams on the scoreboard.

Old Forge was massacred by Western Wayne like something out of a Friday the 13th movie. The Rick may never go near Keen Lake again! And Scranton High bludgeoned West like Dameon Targaryen crushed the Crab King a few weeks ago. Worse, The Rick blew a win by not taking Pittston Area. The Rick should have picked the Patriots, which by virtue of Coach Nick Barbieri is extended Family, as they won over Valley West.

Regardless, The Rick is going to need a favor from a mortician at a local corpse house like The Godfather needed when they hit Sonny on the causeway to make my Week 4 picks viewable.

On top of all of that, The Rick lost his lead on our old friend from the neighborhood, Consigliere Tom Robinson. As you know, we are keeping score in a friendly showdown with Mr. Robinson for the 2022 season. I lost my two-game lead as Tom rallied this week with an 14-2 record while The Rick was 12-4.  There are some spots again this week where we can gain on each other. Let’s hope this isn’t another week The Rick has to visit the mortician.

Check out The Consigliere’s picks by clicking HERE.  Here are The Rick’s picks for Week 4.



May their first child be a masculine child (The Big Boys) 2-1

Hazleton Area at Wilkes-Barre Area

Welcome to the Jungle! This week’s big-boy game features the top team in District 2 in unbeaten Hazleton Area and the upstart Wolfpack of Wilkes-Barre Area who are three Week 1 points from being undefeated as well. The Cougars have had little trouble in racing out to a 3-0 mark, averaging 49 points per game while only giving up 9.8. WBA lost to unbeaten Scranton in its opener by a field goal, but since then, they won a close game on the road against Abington Heights before steamrolling Wallenpaupack last week in the debut of their brand new on-campus stadium. The Rick can’t wait to get to a game at the new facility. It is sure to be the crown jewel in D2. But it won’t be this week when the Wolf sits on the Iron Throne.

Cougars 29, Wolfpack 14


The Luca Brasi (Toughest Pick of The Week) 2-1

Wyoming Area at Nanticoke

The toughest pick of the week for The Rick comes in the form of a matchup of 1-2 teams. Typically, Wyoming Area at Nanticoke Area is a cannoli game. But the Warriors have struggled the past few weeks. The Trojans hammered Carbondale in Week 1 and played tough on the road against Trail last week. The Rick thinks Wyoming Area puts it all together this week, but it will not be easy. Nanticoke may have the strength to win this game. And if they do, it’s going to lead to a major shakeup in the WVC. Luckily for WA, The Rick likes his drinks stirred, not shaken.

Warriors 21, Trojans 20


Don’t ask me about my business (No Rhyme or Reason) 2-1

Montrose at Holy Cross

The Rick thought Holy Cross was on the upswing to start the year. But injuries, low numbers and illness have led the Crusaders to be disappointing to this point. They could get themselves out of a rut this week, but one of The Rick’s many sources have told him that Montrose is much improved, and the coaching staff is doing wonders with the Meteors. So, don’t ask The Rick about his business on this one.

Meteors 16, Crusaders 14


Leave the gun, take the cannoli (No-Brainer Pick of The Week) 3-0

Delaware Valley at Wallenpaupack

The best 0-3 team in the state may very well reside in the far northeast part of District 2. Delaware Valley is a few points from being 2-1 and probably highly state ranked in Class 5A. Instead, the Warriors are looking for their first victory at the halfway mark of September. Wallenpaupack has struggled so far, so this is the perfect opportunity for Delaware Valley to get back on track.

Warriors 41, Buckhorns 19


Going to the mattresses (A Rivalry-type Game) 1-2

Scranton High at Scranton Prep

If this was the 1950s, it would be the Greasers vs. the Socials or the Sharks vs. the Jets. Let’s rumble Pony Boy. There’s gonna be a ballet fought out in the alley. It’s unbeaten Scranton High taking on the Ignatian Nation of Scranton Prep. The Knights are sky-high after holding on to the bell in a drubbing of rival West Scranton last week. Meanwhile, the Cavaliers are playing possessed the last two weeks. Scranton may need Father Damien Karras, SJ to exercise the offensive demon out of Prep. This is shaping up to be The Rick’s game of the week. Ignatian Nation REJOICE!

Cavaliers 24, Knights 23


I ain’t no bandleader (Give Some Respect) 2-1

Holy Redeemer at Lake-Lehman

Well, this is what The Rick expected in Week 1. Holy Redeemer to produce some high-potent numbers on the offensive side of the ball. Of course, I wasn’t expecting them to outscore the Royals’ basketball team in wins over Holy Cross and Tunkhannock. On the other side of the court, uh, The Rick means the grid, Lake-Lehman needs a win. Typically, you would look at the schedule and think this is a week where the Black Knights could count on a victory, but not this week. The Royals will play at a slightly slower pace this week, but The Rick expects another week of redemption.

Royals 44, Black Knights 30


Fredo, You broke my heart (Upset Special) 1-2

Trail at Honesdale

Here it is! The moment you all wait for every week. The Rick’s upset special! Former Suburban Conference foes mash on Friday night when Lackawanna Trail visits Honesdale. The old saying goes that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. But the Hornets won’t be dishing out any honey to the Lions. So, hold the vinegar on those stadium French fries. The Hornets say, IT WAS YOU FREDO!

Hornets 28, Lions 17


Time to settle all Family business (26-6)

Dallas over West Scranton

Valley View over North Pocono

Carbondale over Tunkhannock

Crestwood over Valley West

Berwick over Williamsport

Pittston Area over Hanover Area

Old Forge over Mid Valley

Dunmore over Riverside

Lakeland over Susquehanna

Western Wayne over Abington Heights



Some movement this week in the Big Six again. Crestwood moves up to No. 2 and Scranton High enters at No. 4 while Valley View and Delaware Valley both dropped. North Pocono dropped out. In the Small Six, the Top 4 remained the same while Trail jumped Old Forge one spot. The Rick isn’t ready to move Holy Redeemer in just yet. But the Royals are close. Remember, this poll is nothing fancy. Just my opinion of who are the best Big School teams and the best Small School teams. I typically look at who I think can beat who. Nothing else. Remember, it’s where you finish at the end – not the beginning or the middle. Included with the list are each team’s record and where they were ranked last week.


Here it is….



  1. Hazleton Area (3-0) 1
  2. Dallas (3-0) 2
  3. Crestwood (2-1) 5
  4. Scranton (3-0) NR
  5. Valley View (2-1) 6
  6. Delaware Valley (0-3) 3

Dropped Out: North Pocono (2-1) 4



  1. Lakeland (3-0) 1
  2. Western Wayne (2-1) 2
  3. Scranton Prep (2-1) 3
  4. Dunmore (2-1) 4
  5. Lackawanna Trail (3-0) 6
  6. Old Forge (1-2) 5

Just Missed Out: Holy Redeemer (2-1)