Here are the 2022 WVC Division 1 All-Stars presented by Shane Scanlon Law. The list is compiled by feedback from the division coaches and NPF Staff.

Parker Bolesta, Sr. – Dallas
Bolesta took the Mountaineers on his back on offense and carried them to a nine-win season. He led District 2 in rushing yards and touchdowns during the regular season. Counting playoffs, he rushed for 2,421 yards and 33 touchdowns. The Stony Brook recruit was especially effective after first contact rarely going down and dragging opposing defenders with him. Bolesta also had 19 receptions for 118 receiving yards. For his career, he rushed for over 3,500 yards and 50+ touchdowns.


Magnus Bibla, Sr. – Crestwood
Whether it was a run or pass play, Bibla was hard to block. The senior ended up with 61 tackles including 21 tackles for loss. He also recorded 11 sacks, 4 quarterback hurries and forced 4 fumbles. Opposing coaches had to game plan around his presence at the line of scrimmage as he proved to be able to make plays with pure power or lightning-fast quickness. Bibla was the leader of one of the best defenses in the WVC.


John Jones, Sr. – Crestwood

Jones was an anchor on both sides of the ball for one of the best lines in the WVC. On offense, he was a powerful blocker helping Crestwood amass over 5,000 rushing yards. On defense, he was very hard to block up front and clogged things up making it difficult for anyone to find running room between the tackles. He ended up with 30 tackles, but his presence allowed his teammates to make plays on defense. The Comets were powerful up front and Jones was the best two-way lineman of the bunch.


Ryan Arcangeli – Crestwood
Everyone knew the Comets had talent, but Arcangeli was able to put the problems that led to a 3-8 record in 2021 behind them and create a successful 2022 campaign that saw Crestwood win the division and the Class 4A district title. They were the last team standing in the state playoffs advancing to the PIAA semifinals. The Comets were good in all three phases of the game and he deserves credit for the turnaround that put Crestwood on the state map this season.




QB: Tyler Wolfe, Sr. – Hazleton Area
RB: Parker Bolesta, Sr. – Dallas
RB: Noah Schultz, Sr. – Crestwood
FB: Ryan Matyas, Sr.  – Hazleton Area
WR: Spencer Kishbaugh, Sr. – Berwick
WR: Connor Shamany, Sr. – Hazleton Area
TE: Naquon Johnson, Jr. – Wilkes-Barre
OL: Ian Bednar, Sr. – Wilkes-Barre
OL: Aiden Jardine, Sr. – Crestwood
OL: John Jones, Sr. – Crestwood
OL: Colby Klinetob, Sr – Dallas
OL: Lucas Schultz, Sr. – Dallas
ATH: Mekhi Nelson, Jr. – Wilkes-Barre
K: Evan Corcoran, Sr. – Wilkes-Barre


DL: Magnus Bibla, Sr. – Crestwood
DL: Nariq Burks, Jr. – Williamsport
DL: Jace John, Sr. – Wilkes-Barre
DL: Naquon Johnson, Jr. – Wilkes-Barre
DL: John Jones, Sr. – Crestwood
LB: Parker Bolesta, Sr. – Dallas
LB: Cole Kakalecik, Sr. – Crestwood
LB: Spencer Kishbaugh, Sr. – Berwick
LB: Qay’von Minor, Sr. – Hazleton Area
DB: Matthew Buchman, Sr. – Hazleton Area
DB: Matthew Cusatis, Sr. – Hazleton Area
DB: Nick Miscavage, Sr. – Crestwood
DB: Drey Wilk, Sr. – Berwick
P: Rowan Laubach, So. – Dallas


QB: Jaden Shedlock, Fr. – Crestwood
RB: Matthew Buchman, Sr. – Hazleton Area
RB: Nasir Hennigan, Sr. – Williamsport
FB: Dylan Geskey, Jr. – Dallas
WR: Zack Paczewski, Jr. – Dallas
WR: Drew Wilk, Sr. – Berwick
TE: Nick Giza, Sr. – Wyoming Valley West
OL: Jimmy Gryzkewicz, So. – Wilkes-Barre
OL: Dan Horgan, Sr. – Wilkes-Barre
OL: John Scherer, Sr. – Dallas
OL: Chris Smolenak, Sr. – Dallas
OL: Jean Valdez, Sr. – Hazleton Area
ATH: Matthew Cusatis, Sr. – Hazleton Area
K: Jace Chopyak, Sr. – Dallas


DL: Zander Coleman, Jr. – Hazleton Area
DL: Colby Klientob, Sr. – Dallas
DL: Sam Porro, Sr. – Hazleton Area
DL: Lucas Schultz, Sr. – Dallas
DL: Harrison Snyder, Jr. – Berwick
LB: Lincoln Bibla, So. – Crestwood
LB: Isaiah Cobb, Jr. – Wyoming Valley West
LB: Trystan English, Sr. – Berwick
LB: Ryan Matyas, Sr. – Hazleton Area
DB: Brendan Dennis, Sr. – Crestwood
DB: Robert Knight, Sr. – Crestwood
DB: Joe Peters, Sr. – Dallas
DB: Bo Sheptock, So. – Berwick
P: Evan Corcoran, Sr. – Wilkes-Barre

QB Brady Zapoticky, So. – Dallas; RB: Connor Kundrat, Sr. – Hazleton Area, RB: Howie Shiner, Jr. – Wilkes-Barre; FB: Lincoln Bibla, So. –  Crestwood; WR: Jamaire Harden, Jr. – Williamsport; TE: Zander Coleman, Jr. – Hazleton Area; OL: Austin Best, Sr. – Williamsport, Brayan Calcano, Jr. – Hazleton Area; OL: Aiden Fennell, Sr. – Dallas, OL Juan Fabian, Sr. – Hazleton Area, OL: Sam Porro, Sr. – Hazleton Area;  ATH: Bo Sheptock, So. – Berwick, ATH: George Whaley, Sr. – Williamsport  K: Connor Poole, Jr. – Williamsport

DL: Robert Anderson, Jr. – Hazleton Area, DL: Dan Sabulski, Jr. – Dallas;  LB Max Gregor, Jr. – Wilkes-Barre, LB: Connor Kundrat, Sr. – Hazleton Area,  LB: Howie Shiner, Jr. – Wilkes-Barre;  DB: Zack Paczewski, Jr. – Dallas, Noah Schultz, Sr. – Crestwood, DB: Connor Shamany, Sr. – Hazleton Area, DB: Lucas Tirpak, Jr. – Dallas;  P: Evan Corcoran, Sr. – Wilkes-Barre