Here are the 2022 LFC Division II All-Stars presented by Shane Scanlon Law. The list is compiled by feedback from the division coaches and NPF Staff.

Dominico Spataro, Sr. – Lakeland
One just needs to look at when Spataro was injured in the post-season to see how valuable he was to Lakeland’s success. His numbers were off the charts and that’s with not playing complete games with the Chiefs starters pulled in blowout wins. He ended up leading District 2 and the LFC with 2,372 passing yards and 30 passing touchdowns. Spataro also rushed for 826 yards which was third for quarterbacks in the LFC. His 18 rushing touchdowns were the most by any quarterback in District 2. He was the LFC Division III Offense Player of the Year in 2021.


Lacota Dippre, Sr. – Lakeland
Dippre followed up his junior year with an even better senior season that saw his team go unbeaten in the regular season and win the District 2 Class 3A title. Whether he was at defensive end or in the middle of the Chiefs defense, the Holy Cross recruit was dominant despite being double-teamed and sometimes triple-teamed. Dippre finished with 62 tackles, 22 tackles for loss, 11 sacks, 6 quarterback hurries and 3 interceptions. He used a combination of speed and power to disrupt opposing offenses and was a major difference maker on the defensive side of the ball.


Kyle Guarino, Sr. – Western Wayne

The Wildcats had one of the best running attacks in the LFC and Guarino has been a four-year starter leading the way. Western Wayne ran for 2,799 yards and was physically dominant. They also threw for 1,200 yards.  Guarino was a devasting blocker that always finished his blocks and fundamentally good with his pass blocking. At defensive tackle, he had 45 tackles, 6 tackles for loss and an interception.


Dave Piwowarczyk – Lakeland
The expectations were high and sometimes that makes a team flinch. But Lakeland rolled through the regular season unbeaten, the only team in District 2 and won the division title. They also secured their second district title in the past three seasons. Piwowarczyk guided the Chiefs through some adversity at times during the season and helped the team fulfill all those preseason expectations.




QB: Dominico Spataro, Sr. –  Lakeland
RB: Luke Janiszewski, Sr. – Western Wayne
RB: Nico Ruggiero, Sr. –  Dunmore
FB: Carter Mitishin, Jr. – Western Wayne
WR: Sean Owens, So. – Western Wayne
WR: Joe Seamans, Sr. – Lakeland
TE: Lacota Dippre, Sr. – Lakeland
OL: Jon Clauss-Walton, Sr. –  Lakeland
OL: Kyle Guarino, Sr. – Western Wayne
OL: Evan Makowski, Sr. – Dunmore
OL: Nate Swingle, Sr. – Western Wayne
OL: Adam Wormuth, Sr. –  Lakeland
ATH: Evan Laybourn-Boddie, Jr. – West Scranton
K: Max Hunt, Sr. – Dunmore


DL: Lacota Dippre, Sr. – Lakeland
DL: Rocco Fluck, Sr. – Honesdale
DL: Kyle Guarino, Sr. – Western Wayne
DL: Nate Swingle, Sr. – Western Wayne
DL: Adam Wormuth, Sr. – Lakeland
LB: Nicholas DonVito, Jr. – Dunmore
LB: Andrew Gelderman, Jr. – Lakeland
LB: Paul Guidice, Sr. – Western Wayne
LB: Luke Janiszewski, Sr. – Western Wayne
DB: Max Mickel, Sr. – Honesdale
DB: Sean Owens, So. – Western Wayne
DB: Jon Seamans, Sr. – Lakeland
DB: Dominico Spataro, Sr. –  Lakeland
P: Joe Harris, Sr. – West Scranton

QB: Thomas Bowen, Jr. – Dunmore, QB: Frankie Leyshon, Jr. – Western Wayne; RB: Evan Pochas, Sr. – Lakeland, RB: Josh Vinton, So. – Western Wayne; FB: Josh Malone, Sr. – Dunmore; WR: Domenick DeSando, Jr. – Dunmore; WR: Kevin Snyder, Sr. – Lakeland; TE: Patrick Pucilowski, Sr. – Dunmore, TE: Tyler Winters, Sr. – Honesdale;  Lyndon Bello, Jr. – Lakeland, OL: David Calafut, Sr. – Mid Valley, OL: Anthony Passero, So. – Honesdale, OL: Nathan Reuther, Jr. – Dunmore; OL Thomas Scalzo, Sr. – Lakeland; ATH: Max Mickel, Sr. – Honesdale; ATH: Daniel Pigga, Jr. – Dunmore; K: Max Mickel, Sr. – Honesdale

DL: Jon Clauss-Walton, Sr. – Lakeland; DL Joseph Collins, Sr. – West Scranton; DL: Chris Conte, Jr. – Dunmore; DL: Evan Makowski, Sr. –  Dunmore; DL Nathan Reuther, Jr. – Dunmore; LB: C.J. Hinton, Sr. – Honesdale; LB: Evan Pochas, Sr. – Lakeland; LB: Tyler Winters, Sr. –  Honesdale; DB: Jakob Lesher, So. – Mid Valley; DB: Daniel Pigga, Jr. – Dunmore; DB: Nico Ruggiero, Sr. –  Dunmore; DB: Kevin Snyder, Sr. –  Lakeland; P: Jake Bondy, Fr. – Mid Valley