Every week, we will give you a capsule preview of every game involving WVC and LFC teams presented by Dickson City Hyundai. The games will be listed based on how competitive they are, rivalry impact and storylines. So, if you are looking for a game to go watch, this guide will help you each week.

Matchup Scale

Must-see: Four Footballs Rating

Great: Three Footballs Rating

Good: Two Footballs Rating

Fair: One Football Rating


Crestwood Comets (1-0) at Dallas Mountaineers (1-0)

Mountaineer Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
WVC Division Crossover
Dallas 29-9
Last Meeting: 2021 – Dallas 41-14
Last Week: Crestwood 20, Valley View 7; Dallas 44, Abington Heights 13
Players To Watch
Crestwood: QB Jaden Shedlock; Dallas: WR Zack Paczewski
The Skinny: After a disappointing 2021, Crestwood came out with a bang upsetting defending district champion Valley View. Dallas had an easy time with Abington in their opener. The Comets will have to avoid mistakes to make it two upsets in a row. Two turnovers and double digit penalties in the opener will eventually catch up to them. The Mounts will ride RB Parker Bolesta all season so this comes down to the winner in the trenches.
Key Matchup: Crestwood single wing vs. Dallas defensive front
Favorite: Dallas by 5

Dunmore Bucks (1-0) at Mt. Carmel Red Tornadoes (1-0)

Silver Bowl (Grass), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
District Crossover
Mt. Carmel 3-1
Last Meeting:
2001 – Mt. Carmel 40-7
Last Week: Dunmore 43, Old Forge 36; Mt. Carmel 25, North Schuylkill 18
Players to Watch
WR Domenic DeSando; Mt. Carmel: RB Xavier Diaz
The Skinny: This is old school Eastern Conference football. The Bucks are coming off a 43-point offensive outburst while the Red Tornadoes beat a solid North Schuylkill team. This will be a big test for Dunmore as Mt. Carmel feels this is the team that can finally solve Southern Columbia in District 4.
Key Matchup: Dunmore passing game vs. Mt. Carmel secondary
Favorite: Mt. Carmel by 7

Western Wayne Wildcats (1-0) at North Pocono Trojans (1-0)

NP Sports Complex (Turf), Friday 7pm
LFC Division Crossover
North Pocono 9-4
Last Meeting:
2021 – Western Wayne 27-6
Last Week: Western Wayne 41, Lake-Lehman 6; North Pocono 21, Wyoming Valley West 13
Players to Watch
Western Wayne:
WR Sean Owens; North Pocono: DL Brendan Kearney
The Skinny: Western Wayne has won three straight in this series after losing 9 of the first 10 meetings including a huge road win last season before the injuries starting piling out. The Wildcats had an easy win in Week 1 while the Trojans were in a dogfight. North Pocono’s defense seems to be good again so will they be able to reign in RB Luke Janiszewski who ran for 197 yards in last year’s game.
Key Matchup: Western Wayne running game vs. North Pocono linebackers
Favorite: North Pocono by 3

Berwick Bulldogs (0-1) at Valley View Cougars (0-1)

John Henzes Veterans Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday, 7pm Media: NEPAFootball.com
Conference Crossover
Valley View 8-5
Last Meeting:
2021 – Valley View 21-0
Last Week: Southern Columbia 42, Berwick 27; Crestwood 20, Valley View 7
Players to Watch
QB Matt Lonzcynski; Valley View: DB Taheed Jewell
The Skinny: The Bulldogs hung with Southern Columbia before the defense collapsed. Valley View struggled on offense in their opener. One of these proud programs is going to start 2022 off 0-2. Berwick must run the ball better and the Cougars need to get better offensive line play as they ran only 33 plays last week and couldn’t maintain drives.
Key Matchup: Valley View offensive line vs. Berwick front 7
Favorite: Berwick by 3


Montrose Meteors (0-0) at Susquehanna Sabers (1-0)

William Emminger Field (Grass), Friday 7pm 
Conference Crossover
Susquehanna 34-16-1
Last Meeting: 2021 – Susquehanna 37-0
Last Week: Susquehanna 44, Holy Redeemer 12
Players To Watch
Montrose: DL Derrick DeMann; Susquehanna: RB William Marcy
The Skinny: The Battle for the Bluestone has a twist this year as Montrose is taking a couple of years off from playing in the LFC and build up the program. Susquehanna has won 9 out of the 10 ‘Battles’ and looked impressive in all three phases of the game on Saturday. This will be the opener for the Meteors.
Susquehanna by 35

Nanticoke Trojans (1-0) at Old Forge Blue Devils (0-1)

Old Forge Veterans Memorial Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm
Conference Crossover
Nanticoke 4-2
Last Meeting: 2009 – Old Forge 54-0
Last Week: Nanticoke 36, Carbondale 0; Dunmore 43, Old Forge 36
Players To Watch
QB Payton Kepp; Old Forge: RB Josh Spindler
The Skinny: Nanticoke didn’t complete a pass last week but didn’t need to as they ran the ball all over the places and their defense pitched the only shutout of Week 1. The Blue Devils will try to bounce back after a crazy back and forth loss to Dunmore. Old Forge ran the ball with authority so we could see a lot of that from both teams.
Key Matchup: Nanticoke Wing T vs. Old Forge run defense
Favorite: Old Forge by 12

Scranton Knights (1-0) at Wyoming Valley West Spartans (0-1)

Spartan Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
Conference Crossover
Valley West 14-8
Last Meeting: 2019 – Valley West 14-10
Last Week: Scranton 25, Wilkes-Barre 22; North Pocono 21, Wyoming Valley West 13
Players To Watch
Scranton: QB Billy Maloney; Valley West: LB Isaiah Cobb
The Skinny: The Knights had one of the more exciting games of the week and avenged a loss in the opener last season. They are hoping to make it two in-a-row against WVC opponents. The Spartans defense was good enough last week but with QB Luke Buss most likely out for the season, they will have to come along slowly on offense.
Key Matchup: Scranton offensive line vs. Valley West defensive front
Favorite: Scranton by 5

Riverside Vikings (0-1) at Mid Valley Spartans (0-1)

Spartans Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm 
LFC Division Crossover
Riverside 21-10-1
Last Meeting:
2021 – Mid Valley 24-21
Last Week: West Scranton 27, Riverside 17; Lackawanna Trail 21, Mid Valley 13
Players To Watch
Riverside: OL Paul Higgins; Mid Valley: QB Jordan Chmielewski
The Skinny: Both these teams struggled on offense in their openers, but with a game under their belt, they should be better. Both quarterbacks, the Vikings’ Chase Tadonio and the Spartans’ Jordan Chmielewski both played well in their first varsity starts, but neither team could generate much of a running game.
Key Matchup: Riverside deep passing game vs. Mid Valley secondary
Favorite: Riverside by 1

Delaware Valley Warriors (0-1) at Harrisburg Cougars (0-0)

Severance Field (Turf), Saturday 1pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
District Crossover Game
First Meeting
Last Week: Mosley (FL) 24, Delaware Valley 23
Players To Watch
Delaware Valley: RB Paulie Weinrich; Harrisburg: QB Shawn Lee
The Skinny: The Warriors were one play away from winning their opener in Florida but the task will get harder as they take on the No. 2 state-ranked Cougars. Harrisburg has had controversy in the preseason with their head coach suspended, but has a ton of talent and will be a big challenge for DV.
Key Matchup: DV defensive front vs. Harrisburg speed
Favorite: Harrisburg by 12



Wilkes-Barre Wolfpack (0-1) at Abington Heights Comets (0-1)

Abington Heights Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
Conference Crossover
Series: First Meeting
Last Week: Scranton 25, Wilkes-Barre 22; Dallas 44, Abington Heights 13
Players To Watch
Wilkes-Barre: RB Howie Shiner; Abington Heights: WR Christian Henzes
 The Skinny: The Wolfpack lost a heartbreaker while Abington fell apart in the second half. Wilkes-Barre did start a freshman QB in Jake Howe who handled his debut well. The Comets defense was okay for a half but lost the battle up front later in the game. Their QB Shawn Theodore made his first start as well and threw for 152 yards.
Key Matchup: Wilkes-Barre speed vs. Abington linebackers
Favorite: Wilkes-Barre by 11

Pittston Area Patriots (0-1) at Williamsport Millionaires (0-1)

STA Stadium, Friday 7pm
WVC Division Crossover
Williamsport 11-9
Last Meeting: 2019 – Pittston Area 20-7
Last Week: Hazleton Area 47, Pittston Area 13; State College 42, Williamsport 14
Players To Watch
Pittston Area: DB Kevin Lockett; Williamsport: WR George Whaley
The Skinny: Both these teams ran into offensive powerhouses in their openers and lost by big margins. Both teams have quality running backs so they could end up determining this game. Still lots of questions about these two teams that might get answered Friday.
Key Matchup: Pittston running game vs. Williamsport defensive line
Favorite: Williamsport by 7

Scranton Prep Cavaliers (0-1) at West Scranton Invaders (1-0)

Scranton Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
LFC Division Crossover
Scranton Prep 27-15
Last Meeting:
2021 – Scranton Prep 55-7
Last Week: Lakeland 41, Scranton Prep 14; West Scranton 27, Riverside 17
Players To Watch
Scranton Prep:
DL Max Shnipes; West Scranton: OL Roman King
The Skinny: Prep hasn’t gotten beaten that bad in the district in years. but the Cavaliers did lose a lot of players from their district championship team of 2021. They will need some time to get the young players some experience. West broke their 21-game winning streak so this will be a good gauge of where they really are if they can hang with the Cavs.
Key Matchup: Scranton Prep linebackers vs. West offensive line
Scranton Prep by 18

Holy Cross Crusaders (0-1) at Holy Redeemer Royals (0-1)

Spartan Stadium (Turf), Saturday 7pm
Conference Crossover
Holy Redeemer 10-4
Last Meeting:
2021 – Holy Redeemer 49-30
Last Week: Hanover Area 35, Holy Cross 28; Susquehanna 44, Holy Redeemer 12
Players To Watch
Holy Cross:
WR Jonathan Jones; Holy Redeemer: RB Josh Wesneski
The Skinny: The Holy Roller Bowl was played twice last year with the teams splitting. This will be the only meeting this season. Crusaders like to run. Royals like to pass. Either way, we think this will be a high scoring game.
Key Matchup: RB Logan Tierney vs. Redeemer run defense
Holy Cross by 14

Lackawanna Trail Lions (1-0) at Lake-Lehman Black Knights (0-1)

Edward Edwards Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
Conference Crossover
Series: Lake-Lehman 6-3
Last Meeting: 2018- Lackawanna Trail 17-7
Last Week: Lackawanna Trail 21, Mid Valley 13; Western Wayne 41, Lake-Lehman 6
Players To Watch
Lackawanna Trail: QB Stephen Jervis; Lake-Lehman: DL Chad Honeywell
The Skinny: The Black Knights had plenty of trouble generating offense and that needs to change quickly. The Lions snuck out a win but their offense also had issues at times. Both these coaches like to run a variation of the Wing-T so expect a lot of running plays.
Key Matchup: Trail running game vs. Lehman linebackers
Lackawanna Trail by 7

Carbondale Area Chargers (0-1) at Lakeland Chiefs (1-0)

Lakeland Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm
LFC Division Crossover
Lakeland 33-11-1
Last Meeting: 2021 – Lakeland 33-14
Last Week: Nanticoke 36, Carbondale 0; Lakeland 41, Scranton Prep 14
Players To Watch
Carbondale Area: QB Darryl Bennett; Lakeland: RB Evan Pochas
The Skinny: The Chargers struggled on offense while Lakeland was dominant. This one won’t be pretty as this is the best Chiefs team in years.
Key Matchup: Carbondale front seven vs. Lakeland offensive line
Favorite: Lakeland by 42

Tunkhannock Tigers (0-1) at Hanover Area Hawkeyes (1-0)

Memorial Field (Grass), Friday 7pm
WVC Division 2 Game
Series: Tunkhannock 7-6
Last Meeting: 2020 – Tunkhannock 48-0
Last Week: Wyoming Area 48, Tunkhannock 28; Hanover Area 35, Holy Cross 28
Players To Watch
Tunkhannock: WR Joey Ross; Hanover Area: RB Aidan Shamaski
The Skinny: The Tigers offense looked great with QB Ben Chilson throwing 4 touchdown passes, but the defense wasn’t very good. The Hawkeyes offense was well-balanced and much better than last season, but their defense also has issues. Look for a high-scoring shootout in this one.
Key Matchup: Tunkhannock receivers vs. Hanover secondary
Tunkhannock by 14

Honesdale Hornets (0-1) at Wyoming Area Warriors (1-0)

Jake Sobeski Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
State Crossover
Series: Wyoming Area 2-0
Last Meeting: 2001 – Wyoming Area 31-7
Last Week: Wyoming Area 48, Tunkhannock 28; Wallenpaupack 15, Honesdale 13
Players To Watch
Wyoming Area: DL Joe Marranca; Honesdale: WR Kage Southerton
The Skinny: Warriors ran all over Tunkhannock last week with Aaron Crossley over 350 yards. This is a good sign for Wyoming Area who had to replace four offensive linemen. Honesdale’s offense was ineffective in their opener and they still have issues up front despite some skill players who can make plays for them.
Key Matchup: Wyoming Area running game vs Honesdale defensive front
Wyoming Area by 19

Hazleton Area Cougars (1-0) at Wallenpaupack Buckhorns (1-0)

Wallenpaupack Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm 
Conference Crossover
Series: Hazleton Area 3-1
Last Meeting: 2019 – Hazleton Area 28-7
Last Week: Hazleton 47, Pittston 15; Wallenpaupack 15, Honesdale 13
Players To Watch
Hazleton Area: DL Jean Valdez; Wallenpaupack: QB Drew Kiesendahl
The Skinny: Paupack’s defense was very good but the offense struggled. Hazleton was good all around. It will be a tough task for the Buckhorns to slow down the Cougars offense.
Key Matchup: Hazleton skill players vs. Paupack secondary
Favorite: Hazleton Area by 20