Terry Gallagher Robert Rossi London Montgomery

TEAM: Scranton Prep Cavaliers

COLORS: Purple & Gold

COACH: Terry Gallagher,  6th Season (51-9)

PIAA: Class 3A

2021 CONFERENCE: LFC Division II

2020 RECORD: 4-1 (3-1 in conference)


STADIUM: Scranton Memorial Stadium






Last season Scranton Prep was left out of the playoffs despite only one loss and had to watch another team hoist the District 2 Class 3A trophy for the second straight season. The Cavaliers think they can get that title back with all five offensive linemen returning and two of the best skill players in the area.

The big question mark is at quarterback where the Prep coaching staff will choose between junior Sean Monahan and sophomore Jimmy Snyder. Whoever wins the job will have the luxury of handing the ball off to All-District 2 running back London Montgomery and throwing the ball to All-District 2 receiver Robert Rossi. Those two combined for 1,200 yards from scrimmage in only five games. Mike Golay returns at fullback along with T.J. Roque and Max Schnipes. Robert Maguire is the favorite to line up opposite Rossi at wide receiver with Liam Barrett, Jalonte Weeks, Aidan Mackrell, Connor Osbourne and Aidan Colleran all receiving consideration. The new tight end will be Andrew Durkin backed up by Donovan Williams.

The offensive line gets back Adam Kenny at left tackle who was injured last season. He will be joined by four returning starters – left guard Drew O’Malley, center Kellen Doughton, right guard Anthony Nicotera and right tackle Christian Kohut.

Jimmy Burke, an all-league defensive tackle, is back up front along with Schnipes and Kohut. Nicotera and O’Malley also return with experience at defensive end with Williams providing depth. Roque is a returning starter at outside linebacker and Aiden Cullen and Durkin will compete for the other side. Golay returns as the No. 1 inside linebacker. Skyler Heffner and Mick O’Malley will see playing time at the other inside linebacker position. Rossi and Montgomery are returning starters at cornerback and Jack Gentile steps in as the new free safety.

Montgomery and Weeks will both be used in the return game.

QUOTE FROM COACH GALLAGHER: We have a great group of leaders in this senior class. We return a solid nucleus on both sides of the football, but must replace our starting quarterback. The junior and sophomore classes have great potential, and it should be exciting to see them develop. We hope to be very competitive.

First Team Running Back – London Montgomery
First Team Wide Receiver & First Team Defensive Back – Robert Rossi
First Team Defensive Line – Jimmy Burke
Honorable Mention Offensive Line – Anthony Nicotera
Honorable Mention Defensive Line – Drew O’Malley
Honorable Mention Linebacker – Mike Golay

Running Back – London Montgomery
Wide Receiver – Robert Rossi

2021 Scranton Prep Roster

#PlayerPositionWeightHeight2021 Grade
1Liam BarrettDB, WR1755'710
2Donovan WilliamsDL, TE2256'212
3Jalonte WeeksDB, WR1705'119
5T.J. RoqueFB, LB2055'912
6Andrew SummaLB, TE2005'1110
6Andrew DurkinDL, TE1856'012
7London MontgomeryDB, RB1955'1111
8Quinten PalermoDB, RB1855'1010
9Sean MonahanDB, QB1505'711
10Tyler MackrellDB, QB1705'1110
11Robert RossiDB, WR1956'412
12Tucker MulliganLB, TE1905'89
13Max TierneyDL, TE2105'1110
14Robert MaguireDB, WR1655'1112
15Aidan BusaccoLB, TE1655'810
17Bo ReillyDB, WR1705'1010
18Joe RameyDB, WR1756'410
21Jake GentileDB, WR1705'1112
22Connor OsborneDB, WR1606'112
23Casey NewcombLB, RB1605'810
24Sam MillettDB, RB1505'911
25Jack DicksonLB, WR1755'1111
28Jamie BarrettLB, RB1605'910
30Konnor MoranLB, TE1956'010
31Aidan ColleranDB, WR2006'011
32Ryan PaskoDB, WR1555'1011
33Mick O’MalleyFB, LB2356'111
34Max ShnipesDL, FB2606'110
35Michael LloydDB, WR1405'610
36Brady RutkoskiLB, TE1706'110
39Aidan CullenLB, RB1905'1111
40Lane PrutzmanK1455'812
41Aiden BrittonFB, LB1905'1010
42Michael TigueLB, TE1855'1010
43Skyler HeffnerFB, LB2106'112
44Michael GolayFB, LB2406'212
45James MattucciLB, WR1756'010
46Raymond RinaldiK1555'911
50Nicholas LettieriDL, OL1805'711
51Logan HeffnerDL, OL2656'011
52Anthony NicoteraDL, OL2706'211
53Drew O’MalleyDL, OL2406'212
54Ray KresefskiDL, OL2006'111
55Cameron PalermoDL, OL2306'010
57Joey ToczydlowskiDL, OL2255'811
58Daniel WattersDL, OL2105'811
60Kellen DoughtonDL, OL2406'112
61Jimmy BurkeDL, OL2855'1112
62Riley NealonDL, OL2456'010
63Brian GohDL, OL2005'710
64Nick PaskoDL, OL1905'810
68Nyeem GonzalezDL, OL2705'910
70Adam KennyDL, OL2906'212
72Keith PritchykDL, OL2456'411
72Christian KohutDL, OL2406'312
74Liam BadickDL, OL2655'711
77Gino MazzaDL, OL2155'1111
79Jack KrowiakDL, OL1905'1110
80Ben FrederickDL, TE1906'112
82Daniel HaggertyDL, TE2106'211
85Leo ClarkeDL, TE1855'1010
88James SnyderDL, TE2155'1110
92David McIntyreDL, OL1906'312