Keith Olsommer Gabe Tidridge C.J. Ross


TEAM: Delaware Valley Warriors

COLORS: Black & White

COACH: Keith Olsommer,  23rd Season (158-89)

PIAA: Class 6A

2021 CONFERENCE: LFC Division 1

2020 RECORD: 5-2 (3-0 in conference)


STADIUM: Warrior Stadium






Delaware Valley won another District 2 title last season and also earned a state playoff victory before bowing out in the Class 6A state quarterfinals. The Warriors bring back enough experience to make them the favorite in the district again, but will have to fill some holes vacated by some all-time Warrior greats.

C.J. Ross gets his chance at quarterback. The senior had to sit behind the last two seasons so it will be a learning process as he goes. Joey Sciascia and Paulie Weinrich will see time at tailback. Sciascia is coming off an injury from last season and both players are considered playmakers. Hayden Meade and Justin Kalitsnik will battle to replace Jason Henderson (Old Domnion) at fullback. Harlem Cook is a two-year starter at wide receiver and will be paired by with Shane Anderson. D1 prospect Aiden Black started at tight end as a freshman and has already established himself as a competent blocker. Expect him to get more involved in the passing game.

The offensive line returns three starters including center Gabe Tidridge, left guard Ryan Freer and right tackle Justin Hernandez. Ryan Battaglia is expected to take over at right guard while the left tackle spot is up for grabs with several players in consideration

The Warriors will be very big up front with returning starters Todd Smirman and Battaglia back. Tidgridge will occupy the third spot on the defensive line. Kalitsnik and Black are returning starters at linebacker, while Tim Kizis takes over one of the outside backers position. The other inside linebacker will be decided in camp. Cornerback Cook is the only returning starter in the secondary while Ryder Machado, Weinrich, and Sciascia will compete for safety spots. The other cornerback spot is up for grabs.

Cormac Starr returns as the placekicker while Black serves as the long snapper. The punter will be named before the season starts.

QUOTE FROM COACH OLSOMMER: We have to fill void of all-state players Jason Henderson and Mike Gecik, and our other seniors who graduated. We have some talent that will have to get up to speed fast.

Returning All-Stars – LFC Division I
First Team Offensive Line – Justin Hernandez
First Team Offensive Line – Ryan Freer
Honorable Mention Wide Receiver – Harlem Cook
Honorable Mention Tight End – Aiden Black
Honorable Mention Offensive Line – Gabe Tidridge
Honorable Mention Defensive Line – Ryan Battaglia

2021 Delaware Valley Roster

#PlayerPositionWeightHeight2021 Grade
1Ryder MachadoDB, RB1706'010
2Paulie WeinrichDB, RB2006'211
3Cormac StarrK1556'012
3Everett BellK1605'1010
4Landon MachadoDB, WR1305'611
5Jayden RamirezDB, WR1405'910
7Jackson CorrieDB, WR1606'010
8Anthony ViveraDB, WR1355'812
9Tyler BirdQB1706'010
10Ray PolhillLB, RB1455'1011
11Harlem CookDB, WR1756'012
12Nate MelnickLB, WR1706'112
13Shane AndersonDB, WR1756'112
14Erik FassDB, WR1456'110
15C. J. RossQB1855'1112
16Jake BrowerDB, WR1656'211
17Bradley CoeDB, QB1605'911
18Anthony D’AntuonoDB, WR1355'610
21Henry GoginskyDB, WR1505'1110
22Matt LieboldDB, WR1655'1112
23Danny AndersonLB, RB1605'612
24Chris EisloeffelDB, RB1405'1110
25Dylan AndersonLB, RB1455'611
26Joe SciasciaDB, RB1655'712
27Nethan GomezDB, WR1405'812
28Devin StashlukDB, WR1505'1010
29Maroon ChalhoubDB, WR1405'612
31Hayden MeadLB, RB1905'1011
32Christian StashlukLB, RB1905'712
33Kolton HandyLB, RB1705'1110
35Tyler CortezDB, RB1505'610
35Noah PolhillLB, RB1955'910
40Cyril JaegerLB, RB1905'910
42Kenyan JonesLB, RB1555'1010
43Gabe RiveraLB, RB1605'710
44Justin KalitsnikLB, RB1856'210
45Sam RobertsLB, TE1905'1110
46Sam GouldthorpeLB, TE1555'610
47Danny AlvaradoLB, TE1505'910
50Gabe TidridgeDL, OL2306'112
52Ryan BattagliaDL, OL3005'1112
52Johnathan RiveraDL, OL2105'410
53Nate GidleyDL, OL2255'1111
54Anthony Herman-MannDL, OL2105'710
55Matt CammaranoDL, OL2255'910
55Aiden McBrideDL, OL1856'211
56Ryan FreerDL, OL2055'1012
57Brennan ColvilleDL, OL1906'311
58Joe PisanoLB, OL2255'1112
59Joe McAuliffeDL, OL2205'1112
61Mason CardonaDL, OL2756'111
64Todd SmirmanDL, OL3005'1112
65Ethan FitzpatrickDL, OL2005'1111
66Anthony ZoschakDL, OL2006'011
67Sean FinanDL, OL2305'1110
68Vincent ForgioneDL, OL1605'611
70Marc SmirmanDL, OL2305'910
74Guy PalazzoloDL, OL2355'912
77Jacob AlbaughDL, OL2406'610
78Justin HernandezDL, OL3206'511
79Anthony CiarelliDL, OL3606'310
80Sean HodginsDB, WR1355'811
81Brendan RyanDB, WR1405'1111
82Michael VillafaneDB, WR1756'012
84Lukas DeloLB, TE1505'1010
85Tim KizisLB, TE2056'012
85Kyle ChabakLB, TE2106'010
86Peyton TheodoreLB, TE1605'1010
87Aiden BlackLB, TE2356'310