Every week, we will give you a capsule preview of every game involving WVC and LFC teams. The games will be scored based on how competitive they are, rivalry impact and storylines. So, if you are looking for a game to go watch, this guide will help you each week.

Matchup Scale

Must-see: Four Footballs Rating

Great: Three Footballs Rating

Good: Two Footballs Rating

Fair: One Football Rating


 Scranton Prep Cavaliers (8-0) at Valley View Cougars (9-0)

John Henzes Veterans Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division II Game
Valley View 26-18
Last Meeting: 2020 – Valley View 34-21
Last Week: Scranton Prep 41, Lake-Lehman 8; Valley View 42, Western Wayne 7
Players To Watch
Scranton Prep: RB London Montgomery; Valley View: RB Connor Hilling
The Skinny: The Game of the Year. Two of three unbeatens in District 2. Both state-ranked. Division on the line and district seeding. Shame the weather will be awful because there would be 8,000 people in the stands. Two of the best running backs in the area will be on display. Should be a classic.
Favorite: Valley View by 7

Old ForgeBlue Devils (8-0) at Lackawanna Trail Lions (6-2)

Lions Pride Stadium (Grass), Thursday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division IV Game
Old Forge 25-20
Last Meeting:
2020 – Old Forge 34-19
Last Week: Old Forge 48, Susquehanna 0; Mid Valley 21, Lackawanna Trail 7
Players to Watch
Old Forge:
QB James Sobol; Lackawanna Trail: RB Kody Cresswell
The Skinny: This rivalry is one of the best in NEPA because the programs have had plenty of success over the past decade. The LFC Division IV title is on the line. The Devils haven’t been challenged while the Lions are coming off a loss.
Favorite: Old Forge by 13

Delaware Valley Warriors (6-3) at North Pocono Trojans (8-1)

NP Sports Complex (Turf), Friday, 7pm – Media: Stream on WYNY
LFC Division I Game
Delaware Valley 15-8
Last Meeting:
2020 – Delaware Valley 35-7
Last Week: Delaware Valley 40, Wallenpaupack 17; North Pocono 21, Scranton 0
Players to Watch
Delaware Valley:
QB C.J. Ross; North Pocono: QB William Soma
The Skinny: DV has won six straight since opening the season with three straight losses. The Trojans have won seven straight since their only loss and really haven’t been challenged. This will be a statement game for both teams with the LFC Division I title on the line. Expect the defenses to rule this one.
Favorite: Delaware Valley by 4

Hazleton Area Cougars (6-3) at Williamsport Millionaires (5-4)

STA Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
WVC 5A/6A Division Game
Williamsport 26-20-1
Last Meeting:
2019 – Williamsport 13-7
Last Week: Hazleton Area 55, Valley West 19; Williamsport 14, Wilkes-Barre 7
Players to Watch
Hazleton Area:
RB Matthew Buchman; Williamsport: QB George Whaley
The Skinny: The WVC Class 5A/6A title is on the line with two teams that have plenty of talent. Williamsport went through a mid-season slump with a ton of injuries but have gotten healthy. Hazleton is playing its best football of the season and has won 6 out of 7. We expect a high-scoring game decided in the last two minutes.
Favorite: Williamsport by 1


Lakeland Chiefs (8-1) at Dunmore Bucks (3-5)

Dunmore Veterans Memorial Stadium (Turf), Thursday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
LFC Division III Game
Dunmore 30-22
Last Meeting: 2020 – Lakeland 21-6
Last Week: Lakeland 34, Riverside 0; Wyoming Area 35, Dunmore 6
Players To Watch
Lakeland: QB Dominico Spataro; Dunmore: RB Nico Ruggiero
The Skinny: The Chiefs can win the division outright and defend their LFC Division III title with a win. The Bucks are trying to find their offense. Can the Dunmore defense keep them in this game?
Favorite: Lakeland by 17

Mid Valley Spartans (7-2) at Carbondale Area Chargers (5-4)

Cerra Sports Complex (Grass), Thursday 7pm
LFC Division III Game
Carbondale Area 15-12
Last Meeting: 
2019 – Mid Valley 33-0
Last Week: Mid Valley 21, Lackawanna Trail 7; Carbondale Area 42, Montrose 8
Players To Watch
Mid Valley: RB Devin Ayala; Carbondale: RB Vincent DePalma
The Skinny: The Spartans had their best win of the season in the mud last Friday. Carbondale has been a surprise with an outstanding running game and a solid offensive line. Expect the running backs to rule this battle which should be a close one on Thursday night.
Favorite: Mid Valley by 5

Wilkes-Barre Wolfpack (4-5) at Berwick Bulldogs (5-4)

Crispin Field (Turf), Friday, 7pm
WVC Crossover
Berwick 1-0
Last Meeting:
2019 – Berwick 55-22
Last Week: Williamsport 14, Wilkes-Barre 7; Dallas 27, Berwick 0
Players To Watch
Wilkes-Barre: QB Javant McCrary;  Berwick: TE Spencer Kishbaugh
The Skinny: Berwick should have a home game in the Class 4A playoffs. This game is a chance for the offense to get going. The Wolfpack have been all over the map, looking at times like a potent offense and other times a strong defense, but it seems never at the same time.  We will go with a low-scoring game.
Favorite: Berwick by 6

Pittston Area Patriots (3-6) at Wyoming Area Warriors (7-1)

Jake Sobeski Stadium (Grass), Friday 7pm
WVC Crossover
Wyoming Area 31-25
Last Meeting: 2020 – Wyoming Area 28-14
Last Week: Pittston Area 28, Crestwood 21; Wyoming Area 35, Dunmore 6
Players To Watch
Pittston Area: QB Drew DeLucca; Wyoming Area: QB Blaise Sokach-Minnick
The Skinny: A huge rivalry game that has seen the underdog pull upsets on numerous occasions. It’s a must win if the Warriors want to get the No. 1 seed in Class 3A which would now include homefield advantage and a bye in the first round. A Patriots win secures a Class 4A playoff spot although a loss can still get them in.
Favorite: Wyoming Area by 17



Wyoming Valley West Spartans (3-6) at Crestwood Comets (2-7)

Crestwood Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
WVC Crossover
Series: Wyoming Valley West 11-2
Last Meeting: 
2019 – Crestwood 35-8
Last week: Hazleton Area 55, Valley West 19 ; Pittston Area 28, Pittston Area 21
Players To Watch
Valley West: RB Isaiah Cobb; Crestwood: RB Noah Schultz
The Skinny: It seems these two teams records should be much better. Both will be playing for a playoff spot. If Crestwood loses, they are out and if Valley West loses, they can get knocked out as well. So, let’s call this a Week 10 playoff game.
Favorite: Crestwood by 3

Western Wayne Wildcats (4-5) at Wallenpaupack Buckhorns (3-6)

Wallenpaupack Stadium (Turf), Friday, 7pm
LFC Crossover
Wallenpaupack 20-11-2
Last Meeting: 2020 – Western Wayne 35-27
Last Week: Valley View 42, Western Wayne 7 ; Delaware Valley 40, Wallenpaupack 17
Players To Watch
Western Wayne: QB Frankie Leyshon; Wallenpaupack: WR T.J. Schmalze
The Skinny: The Wildcats played last week without three impact players. We know Caden Brungard is out for the season, but if they can get the other two back, they have chance to win this week and a playoff game. Paupack continues to struggle up front which has limited their skill players effectiveness.
Favorite: Wallenpaupack by 6

Nanticoke Trojans (3-6) at Hanover Area Hawkeyes (2-6)

Memorial Stadium (Grass), Thursday 7pm
WVC 3A Division Game
Nanticoke 53-38
Last Meeting: 2020 –  Nanticoke 12-7
Last Week: Honesdale 12, Nanticoke 7; Canton 60, Hanover Area 7
Players To Watch
RB Zach Fox; Hanover Area: QB Christian Torres
The Skinny: Both these teams opted out of the District 2 playoffs so the San Souci Struggle could be the last game for both. The Trojans have dominated the series in recent years winning five straight.
Favorite: Nanticoke by 18

Abington Heights Comets (2-7) at Scranton Knights (3-6)

Scranton Memorial Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm
Conference Crossover
Abington Heights 18-11-1
Last Week: Abington Heights 41, West Scranton 0; North Pocono 21, Scranton 0
Players To Watch
Abington Heights: RB Caleb Marzolino; Scranton: RB Charlie Thompson
The Skinny: Abington Heights broke their seven-game losing streak and now will try to make it a two-game winning streak to end the season. Scranton’s offense has disappeared as they prepare for another playoff meeting with Delaware Valley or Hazleton Area. They would like to go into that game on a positive note.
Favorite: Scranton by 7

Dallas Mountaineers (6-2) at Tunkhannock Tigers (3-6)

Memorial Field (Grass), Friday 7pm
WVC 4A Division Game
Series: Dallas 18-8-1
Last Meeting: 2019 – Dallas 49-13
Last Week: Dallas 27, Berwick 0; Tunkhannock 55-28
Players To Watch
Dallas: QB Jackson Wydra; Tunkhannock: RB Ty Konen
The Skinny: Dallas has won seven straight in this series but the Tigers have played much better on their home field which is where they will play Friday. Expect the ball to be thrown all over the field because that’s what both these teams do best.
Favorite: Dallas by 20



Riverside Vikings (2-7) at Lake-Lehman Black Knights (3-5)

Eddie Edwards Stadium (Turf), Friday 7pm – Media: NEPAFootball.com
Conference Crossover
Tie 3-3
Last Meeting: 1997 – Riverside 35-0
Last Week: Lakeland 34, Riverside 0; Scranton Prep 41, Lake-Lehman 8
Players To Watch
Riverside: WR Reese Gaughan; Lake-Lehman: RB Colby Roberts
The Skinny: It’s been over 20 years since these two teams have faced each other. Lake-Lehman is playing for playoff seeding and could earn the No. 5 spot with a win and some help. Riverside is riding a seven-game losing streak and has lost some close games that would have them closer to .500 if they could have found a way to win those games.
Favorite: Lake-Lehman by 6

West Scranton Invaders (0-9) at Honesdale Hornets (3-6)

Hornets Stadium (Grass), Thursday 7pm
LFC Division II Game
Series: West Scranton 15-4
Last Meeting: 2020 – Honesdale 42-20
Last Week: Abington Heights 41, West Scranton 0; Honesdale 12, Nanticoke 7
Players To Watch
West Scranton: QB Dan Van Dusky; Honesdale: WR Kage Southerton
The Skinny:  Last chance for the Invaders to get a win while the Hornets are in the Class 4A playoffs with a victory. Honesdale will try to run at a West defense that has not stopped anyone all season while the West offense might throw the ball 25+ times.
Favorite: Honesdale by 28

Holy Cross Crusaders (3-6) at Montrose Meteors (0-8)

Memorial Field (Grass), Friday 7pm
LFC Division IV Game
Series: Montrose 8-3
Last Meeting: 2020 – Montrose 46-6
Last Week: Holy Redeemer 49, Holy Cross 30; Carbondale Area 42, Montrose 8
Players To Watch
Holy Cross: RB Logan Tierney; Montrose: DL John Tyler
The Skinny: Montrose has not been in any games this season and even though the Meteors have won the last 7 of 8 in this series, the Crusaders are a heavy favorite with their outstanding running game.
Favorite: Holy Cross by 31

Susquehanna Sabers (2-7) at Holy Redeemer Royals (2-7)

McCarthy Stadium (King’s) (Turf), Saturday 7pm
Conference Crossover
Susquehanna 7-0
Last Week: Old Forge 48, Susquehanna 0; Holy Redeemer 49, Holy Cross 30
Players To Watch
Susquehanna: WR Jesse DeLousia; Holy Redeemer: WR Justice Shoats
The Skinny: The Sabers have never lost to the Royals. Susquehanna will get at least one more game in the Class 2A playoffs while Redeemer has opted out of the District 2 tournament.
Favorite: Holy Redeemer by 14