Here are the rankings afte Week 8 presented by Golden Dome Abstract:


  1. Delaware Valley Warriors (5-1), defeated Altoona 35-14 (Last week: 1)
    Add a state win to the Warriors resume. This team is a legit contender and they will get to host a state playoff game on Saturday.
    Next up: vs. Central York (8-0) (Listen on NPF)
  2. Crestwood Comets (8-0), defeated Dallas 34-14 (Last week: 3)
    The Comets made things a little easier this time in winning the district title – their first since 2014. They will now leave the WVC to prove where they stand at a state level.
    Next up: vs. Jersey Shore (8-0)
  3. Williamsport Millionaires (6-2) (Last week: 2)
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  4. Valley View Cougars (3-3), lost to Malver Prep 38-6 (Last week: 4)
    Don’t be fooled by the score last week. The Cougars hung with a prep school team out of Philadelphia with 8 Division I recruits. Valley View will be one of the favorites next season.
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  5. Hazleton Area Cougars (4-3) (Last week: 5)
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  6. Dallas Mountaineers (4-4), lost to Crestwood 34-14 (Last week: 6)
    It was a mixed bag for the Mounts coming off that playoff run from last season. They lost four games, but did make it back to district title game.
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  1. Lakeland Chiefs (5-0), defeated Lake-Lehman 14-11 (Last week: 1)
    Give the Lakeland defense credit as they limited the Black Knights high-powered offense to one touchdown to claim their first district title since 2006.
    Next up: vs, Wyomissing (7-0)
  2. Scranton Prep Cavaliers (4-1) (Last week: 3)
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  3. Lake-Lehman Black Knights (7-2), lost to Lakeland 14-1 (Last week: 2)
    The season didn’t end how Lehman was hoping with two straight losses and no titles in the league or the district, but they proved to be a good story in 2o20.
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  4. Old Forge Blue Devils (5-0), defeated Bristol 48-0 (Last week: 4)
    The schedule made many people ask how good this Old Forge team really is. Well, they are pretty darn good. Big challenge with a program that has been very familiar to many on the state level.
    Next up: vs. Steelton-Highspire (7-0)
  5. Western Wayne (5-1),  defeated North Pocono 27-3 (Last week: 6)
    The Wildcats continued to ride the Zane Train. Another great year for the resurgent Western Wayne program.
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  6. Wyoming Area Warriors (5-3), defeated Pittston Area 28-14 (Last week: 6)
    After a state title last season, Wyoming Area ends up with a winning record this season. That’s not easy to do when you lose key players.
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