Here are the rankings afte Week 7 presented by Golden Dome Abstract:


  1. Delaware Valley Warriors (3-1), defeated North Pocono 35-7 (Last week: 1)
    Delaware Valley looks good as they ran out to a 35-0 halftime lead last week. They are LFC Division 1 champs and now can win another district title.
    Next up: vs. Hazleton Area (4-2)
  2. Williamsport Millionaires (6-1), defeated Dallas 48-0 (Last week: 2)
    Williamsport clinched a WVC Division 1 title impressively and now will head to state playoffs.  It will be a long bus trip down Interstate 80 but the Millionaires are excited to see what they can do.
    Next up: vs. Altoona (3-2)
  3. Crestwood Comets (6-0), defeated Berwick 35-0 (Last week: 3)
    It looked easy for the Comets as they will now play for league title, home playoff game and the WVC Division 2 title. Definitely the Game of the Year coming up in the WVC.
    Next up: vs. Lake-Lehman (7-0) (Watch on NPF)
  4. Hazleton Area Cougars (4-2), Idle (Last week: 5)
    The Cougars will be well-rested after sitting out last week. This will probably help them as they try to pull the upset and dethrone the current district champions.
    Next up: at Delaware Valley (3-1) (Listen to NPF)
  5. Valley View Cougars (2-1), lost to Western Wayne 25-16 (Last week: 4)
    The Cougars defense was oustanding the first two weeks, but couldn’t get off the field against Western Wayne last week. The offense struggled to run the ball and now they will need a win and help to make the playoffs.
    Next up: at Scranton Prep (4-0) (Watch on NPF)
  6. Dallas Mountaineers (3-3), lost to Hazleton Area 37-12 (Last week: 6)
    Dallas has been shut out twice this season which is surprising. They need to rebound against Berwick in order to make the playoffs.
    Next up: at Berwick (1-4)


  1. Scranton Prep Cavaliers (4-0), defeated West Scranton 55-0 (Last week: 1)
    The Cavaliers are in a strange position that was really created by District 2. Prep can win by 100 points this week, but if Lakeland and Lake-Lehman don’t lost, Prep will not be in the post-season.
    Next up: vs. Valley View (2-2) (Watch on NPF)
  2. Lake-Lehman Black Knights (7-0), defeated Tunkhannock 42-13 (Last week: 2)
    It’s hard to believe, but the Black Knights are actually playing for their playoff lives. A loss on Saturday could cost them a division title and a post-season berth.
    Next up: at Crestwood (6-0) (Watch on NPF)
  3. Lakeland Chiefs (4-0), defeated Dunmore 21-6 (Last week: 3)
    The Chiefs won their third straight division title but will have to play wait and see with the playoffs. If they can’t find a game for this week, they should still be in. This was supposed to be the week they played Carbondale who sat out 2020.
    Next up: Idle
  4. Old Forge Blue Devils (3-0), Idle (Last week: 4)
    The Devils are looking for revenge after Lackawanna Trail knocked them off in the district playoffs the past two season. Even though the two teams are in different divisions, Old Forge can return the favor. Division title on the line as well.
    Next up: vs. Lackawanna Trail (2-0) (Watch on NPF)
  5. Wyoming Area Warriors (4-3), defeated Nanticoke 42-7 (Last week: 5)
    Wyoming Area won’t be able to defend their district and state title this season, and right now everyone is trying to figure out if their season is over or will they pick up some more games.
    Next up: Idle
  6. Western Wayne (3-1),  defeated Valley View 25-16 (Last week: 6)
    The Wildcats beat Valley View for the first time in school history and will try to finish the season with one more win for one of the most improved programs in the area.
    Next up: at North Pocono (2-2) (Watch on NPF)